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Storage and Process Technology

DENIOS manufactures safe and environmentally friendly storage technology in steel, as well as heat chambers and fume cupboards for process technology. Products are designed to suit the storage or process medium and the associated activities. Based on standardised systems, customers can choose individual elements from our wide range of equipment. Custom solutions can be created in all product areas. You'll benefit from excellent customer support - on site where needed.

Product ranges

Hazardous Materials Storage Technology

In the field of hazardous materials storage technology, we offer hazardous materials stores and fire-rated stores - approved by the DIBt for the legally compliant storage of flammable, toxic, oxidising or water-polluting substances. Our team of experts will handle the complete planning and realisation process for you - for example for your new solvent store, paint supply room, waste store and much more!

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Storage Rooms and Test Rooms for Lithium Batteries

The hazard potential when handling lithium batteries is high. Deep discharge, fire, chemical reactions, explosion in the worst-case scenario – each individual situation means a risk for workers, companies and the environment. This is where DENIOS can help. We offer a comprehensive range of specialist products to ensure your safety. Whether you need to safely store, charge or test lithium energy storage devices.

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Whether heating, cooling, tempering, melting or drying: we offer customised thermotechnology solutions for all industrial sectors that work with temperature-sensitive substances. Solutions for small requirements and for large volumes. Whether heating or melting up to 150°C, frost-free storage or cooled down to -25°C – with DENIOS you've got the right equipment for all your needs.

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Ventilation Technology

Work and production processes in many areas of industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors require the handling of substances or materials which produce hazardous emissions while being processed. DENIOS work tables and multi-task workstations offer personal, product and room protection at the highest level, with explosion protection as an option.

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DENIOS Magazine Articles


Thermotechnology - A concise guide to climate controlled storage

How can thermotechnology help your business?

Find out more about how harnessing thermotechnology-based solutions can work to improve your business operations. Understand which solution best fits your your needs: heated containers, hot boxes, air-conditioned storage, heated jackets or heating bases for drums and IBCs.

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Fire-rated cabinets for ATEX zones - What do I need to know

Within DSEAR, an explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture of dangerous substances with air, under atmospheric conditions, in the form of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which, after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture. You need to carry out a risk assessment to determine if your storage cabinet needs to be zoned as a hazardous area. Where there are flammable vapours present any electrical equipment that is installed needs to be ATEX rated.

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Why do I need special storage for lithium-ion batteries?

A guide to what you really need to know when assessing and purchasing safe storage and charging systems for lithium-ion batteries. We cover why you need special, safe storage for lithium-ion batteries; what can cause lithium-ion battery fires; what you can do to protect your staff and business if you handle, charge and store lithium-ion batteries; and safer solutions for your storage and charging needs with lithium-ion batteries.

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Charging lithium batteries: Do you know your duty of care?

Find out which duties of care are critical for you to observe when charging lithium batteries in order to increase safety in your business and avoid unnecessary complications in the event of an insurance claim.

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