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Service and Maintenance Packages with DENIOS

With a DENIOS solution you are always on the safe side. During development and production, current laws, standards and necessary certifications are taken into account. It is easy to maintain this safety as long as possible for yourself and your employees and prevent the risk of an accident involving personal injury or property damage by regular maintenance.

Tools and solutions for storing hazardous materials or transport are complex. In addition to design-related tests, a regular look at technical components must be made. Because the functionality of each component can be crucial to the overall construct. Legislation such as DSEAR requires regular inspections to maintain the long-term protection and functionality of your product.

Regular inspections increase the productivity and lifetime of your investment.

With DENIOS you have the choice: For long-term planned safety, we offer you attractive maintenance contracts or you assign us with an individual examination.

Regular service prevents expensive repairs
Extend the lifetime of your hazardous materials storage system
Regular maintenance checks
Warranty extension of up to 5 years
Fast response times
Safety and security in service

When our technicians come to you, they do not leave out important things. Will the legally prescribed air exchange still be complied with? Do the fire dampers work properly? Does the sensor system provide all the necessary data? Only when all safety-relevant components have been thoroughly tested, only then do we put our approval on it. Depending on the product to be tested, the processes are different.

We attach great importance to these:

  • General condition check
  • Visual inspection for damage and defects
  • Safety check of all functions
  • Checking the drip pans and sumps for damage
  • Functional check of the mechanics and gates
  • Creation of the test report
  • Testing of signaling technology (eg fire detection, gas detection sensors)
  • Verification of heating and air conditioning technology

These products are checked by our service technicians for you:

  • Walk-in room systems (ISO, F90, third-party systems)
  • Hazardous substance, chemical, acid and alkali cabinets
  • Hazardous goods workstations
  • Battery charging cabinets
  • Technical and security rooms
  • Collecting trays (optical / technical)
  • Heating and cooling chambers
  • Mobile tank facilities
  • Fire doors and gates (1/2-wing incl. Locking systems)
  • bio.x cleaning tables
  • Storage shelves
  • Ventilation technology
  • Spill barriers
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Eyewash stations and Emergency showers
  • Drum handling devices
  • Technical ventilation (including prescribed replacement after 20,000 operating hours or 3 years)
  • full face masks

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Systems and tools for the storage or transport of hazardous substances are complex. In addition to construction-related checks, a regular look must be taken at technical components. This is because the functional efficiency of each component can be decisive for the entire construction. Regular inspections are also required by law in order to maintain the protection and functionality of your product in the long term*:

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