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Grit Spreaders and Trolleys

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Our range of hand-pushed grit spreaders and grit trolleys are an efficient way of applying salt or sand to outdoor areas such as footpaths, or where there is a risk of someone slipping over on any icy surface.

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Grit Spreaders & Trolleys from DENIOS

When the colder weather comes, extreme care should be taken in any workplace to ensure that external pathways and car parks are safe for everyone to walk on. Even a small amount of ice or frost can make getting around extremely dangerous and could potentially lead to injury.

One smart solution would be to invest in a hand-pushed grit spreader or grit trolley. These hold a reasonable amount of grit or salt and ensure even coverage when they are pushed over walkways or car parks. Since the distribution is fully controlled, there is very little waste with this system. For larger spaces, the 85-litre grit spreader is recommended, but there are grit trolleys available from DENIOS with a smaller capacity for smaller areas.

Small volume grit trolleys

For workplaces that just need to grit a few paths during the winter, the small gritters with a 22 litre volume are ideal. These are made from polyethylene and can handle both sand and salt. The polyethylene is weatherproof and strong. The maintenance for this type of grit trolley is minimal and they are unlikely to be damaged by impact. The weight of the basic unit is very low, and it features solid rubber tyres that make it even easier to move the unit around.

Large volume grit trolleys

The larger volume grit trolleys feature a similar design along with pneumatic tyres to help to cope with the additional weight from the grit. However, the larger size and the additional weight do not make this an unwieldy unit. Thanks to its large wheels, it is still simple to move around, so very little effort is required.

Also part of the range is the DENSORB supply trolley for granules. This trolley can be used all year round because it is designed to work with absorbing materials related to spills. Keeping the trolley loaded means that in the event of a spill it can be wheeled over to the problem area where the granules will be dispersed and soak up the liquid.

This particular design features two chambers that hold 55 litres each, so you will be able to handle most sizes of spills. There is also a sieve that will fit over both of these chambers and an additional compartment that holds extra accessories such as a shovel and a broom. The unit has two castors at the front and features large wheels with rubber tyres in the back. There are locking brakes on the front that will keep the unit secure when you don’t need to move it. The polyethylene construction material is resistant to chemical corrosion and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use.

For more information about the grit trolleys in the DENIOS range, please feel free to call and speak with a member of our team.

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