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Forklift Attachments

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Stapleranbaugeräte von DENIOS eignen sich immer, wenn mit einem Fass längere Strecken zurückgelegt werden müssen. Verschiedenste Anbaugeräte ermöglichen das Heben und Transportieren von Fässern sowie die platzsparende Lagerung ohne die Hilfe weiterer Personen. Die Verschiedenen Modelle sind auf Heben, Drehen und den Transport von Stahl- oder Kunststofffässern ausgelegt.

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Professional Drum Handling

Where to use forklift truck attachments?

Forklift truck attachments are commonly used on industrial and construction sites, where they may be needed to move drums around a large area. They are also frequently found in warehouses to move the drums from their storage place to the vehicles taking them to where they are needed. They may also be used in waste management sites to empty drums of their contents for safe disposal. However, these locations are by no means exhaustive. If you have a forklift truck and need to use it to manoeuvre drums, then forklift attachments are ideal.

Drum grippers and drum clamps

Drum grippers and drum clamps are forklift extensions that are attached securely to the forklift truck using wingnuts. The automatic closing clamps securely hold the drum, allowing it to be transported without accident. Mostly, they can hold one drum with a load capacity of 300 or 350kg. If you are likely to need to transport two drums at a time, take a look at the Drum Gripper SH 2, which can hold two 205-litre drums.

Drum lifter

A full drum is a heavy object, and even several people working together will struggle to lift it. That is where a Vertical/Horizontal Combination Action Drum Lifter comes into its own. Attached onto a forklift, this drum handling equipment copes easily with the weight. The clamp jaws of the drum lifter are lined with rubber for additional safety and utilise a scissor gripper to lift the drum. It can move the drum vertically or horizontally and is also used for dispensing or pouring.

Drum turner

For the lifting, turning and emptying of drums, take a look at our range of drum turners. Chains are used to attach them securely to the forklift truck, while jaws and a belt secure the drum. With a hand wheel, their operation is simple but effective. To choose which one is the best fit for your business, consider the size and type of the drums that you are moving, as well as how much you need to rotate them. The Drum Turner for Steel Drums can handle steel drums with a radius of 400 to 620mm and can rotate 360 degrees, while the Drum Turner SV handles plastic and steel drums with a radius of 380 to 600mm and rotates 180 degrees.

Forklift safety

Forklift attachments are designed to make the moving and lifting of drums a safe process without the risk of the heavy drums falling and causing a serious injury. As with all safety equipment, they should only be used by authorised personnel, and anyone required to use them should be fully trained in their operation. Make sure that the drums that you use fit the attachments and are of a high standard. Take a look at our range of Drums to ensure that you have an adequate supply of good-quality drums for your premises.

With good safety standards, the risk of accidents involving forklift and forklift trucks are minimal. However, as accidents still occur even in the best-run premises, provide your staff with effective personal protective equipment to maintain the highest work safety standards.

Our service

When you shop at DENIOS IE for environmental protection products, you can take advantage of the more than 30 years’ experience that we have with such products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers excellent service. We have a 30-day returns policy, allowing you the time to check that your order meets your requirements.

Subject to terms and conditions, delivery of products from DENIOS IE is free, and we do not forget our responsibilities to you the moment they are delivered. Our products come with a warranty of up to four years, and we have a skilled technical support team ready to be of assistance.

We understand that the raft of workplace safety laws can be confusing, so if you are in any doubt as to which products are right for you, do not hesitate to call our helpful customer service team. They will be glad to provide whatever assistance is needed.

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