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Plastic Spill Trays

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Plastic spill trays for small containers can be arranged in various combinations on a pallet for efficient use of space. They are designed for storing or transporting small containers, but can also be loaded with drums or canisters. The containment volume of the spill trays for small containers varies from 7 litres to 180 litres. For ease of access and improved maneuverability, some spill trays for small containers can be accessed underneath or are on wheels. In addition, they can be equipped with a plastic grid or a galvanised grid.

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Plastic spill trays for small containers from DENIOS

Where can PE spill trays for small containers be used?

Aggressive media require special protection. Spill trays for small containers are made of environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) and are characterised by a particularly high resistance to alkalis and acids. They are ideal for laboratory use or are also used, for example, for the storage and transport of swimming pool chemicals.

Which spill trays for small containers would suit my business?

If smaller containers and cans rather than drums are to be stored safely, spill trays for small containers are best. But spill trays for small containers are not just a scaled-down version of the standard spill pallet. Our range includes a large selection of different spill trays for small containers that are perfectly matched to their respective application. With containment volumes of seven to 130 litres, individual or several small containers can be stored together as required. Containers are either placed directly in the spill tray or on a grid. Grids are available in polyethylene or galvanised steel. Models with an integrated level indicator automatically warn that liquids have leaked into the spill tray by means of a red leak indicator.

Spill trays for small containers are suitable for transportation. Several trays can be easily combined and transported on Euro pallets. If transport of the containers is the main concern, spill pallets can be directly replaced by transport trolleys or mobile work tables with integrated spill tray. Alternatively, the spill pallets with underneath access can be transported with a forklift truck.

What are the advantages of plastic drip trays?

  • Designed for small containers
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Use directly at the workplace
  • High quality and long lasting
  • Accessible from underneath
  • On wheels
  • Flexible storage
  • A wide range of possible combinations

For which containers are plastic drip trays suitable?

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