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Stainless Steel Spill Trays

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DENIOS stainless steel spill trays for small containers can be used directly at the workplace, for example as a drip tray. To make the most of this, the spill trays for small containers can be fitted with a stainless steel grid. Practical accessories such as perforated shelves and generous containment volumes from 5 to 50 litres are available for these spill trays for small containers. The stainless steel option offers long-term corrosion protection, even when storing aggressive chemicals.

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Stainless steel spill trays for small containers from DENIOS

The stainless steel spill tray - Spill trays for small containers for storing acids and alkalis

Spill trays for small containers in stainless steel are absolutely rustproof and are therefore ideal for storing aggressive liquids, such as acids or alkalis. They are available in four sizes with containment volumes from 20 to 50 litres.

Store small containers wherever they need to be used in compact safety spill trays. Or, thanks to their compact design, use as a drip tray, for example on a workbench. Stainless steel perforated covers as accessories round off the product range of stainless steel spill trays for small containers.

Denios Brands: our solutions for our customers

As a developer and manufacturer, we know that the requirements of our customers can be very varied. It's not just the type and quantity of hazardous substance to be stored which helps decide on a spill pallet. Price, performance and equipment options also play a major role. To guarantee you get the best solution for your storage needs, we have revised our spill pallet range from the ground up and now present our brand new manufacturer brands. In addition to better transparency for your decision-making process, these offer you customised ranges for a wide variety of customer needs - from start-ups to large corporations.

Denios Brand for basic equipment needs.

Meets all the requirements for industrial use, at an attractive price.

Denios Brand for cost-effective performance.

Extensive, economically priced range

Denios Brand for the highest demands.

Innovative manufacture, equipment and accessories, with EXTRA safety and service.

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