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Flame Retardant Waste Bins

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Flame retardant waste bins collect cleaning rags and other waste material safely, protecting against possible fires due to the self-closing lid.

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Flame Retardant Waste Bins from DENIOS

Where to site the bins ?

The flame-retardant waste bins should be located anywhere where there are likely to be flammable materials, such as in laboratories, production areas and warehouses. The number of bins that you require will depend on the size of your premises, but every hazardous area should have one, and if the area is large, then more may be needed. If a cleaning rag or paper catches fire, time is of the essence to get it disposed of safely.

As well as having sufficient security bins, it is also important that they are clearly visible. While cleaning up spills, you may have the luxury of time to dispose of them, however, if one should suddenly ignite, swift disposal is essential to avoid injury. Take a look at our range of Personal Protective Equipment to provide additional protection for your personnel working in these hazardous situations.

Many of the flame-retardant waste bins in the range at DENIOS are free standing, allowing them to be placed anywhere and moved as necessary. However, the range also includes bins such as the self-extinguishing waste bin, which can be wall mounted.

Fire protection

The design of flame retardant bins is a simple but highly effective one. Flammable waste or rags and paper soaked in flammable substances are risky as they provide the fuel to start or accelerate a fire, but fires need oxygen to burn. In a flame retardant waste bin, combustion gases accumulate under the rim, starving the fire of oxygen and ensuring that it quickly goes out.

These security bins are so effective that they can be used safely if a cleaning rag or paper ignites. Swiftly dispose of it in one of our Self-extinguishing Waste Bins to quickly isolate and extinguish the flames.

The range

Every business is different and will have unique safety needs. At DENIOS we understand that and have a wide range of flame retardant waste bins to make it easy to find one that suits your premises. There is considerable variation in size, ranging from the self-extinguishing waste bin with a volume of 16 litres to the Waste Container AB 100 with a volume of 95 litres.

There is also a wide choice of colours and materials, including aluminium, plastic, stainless steel and steel. Which you chose may be influenced simply by aesthetics or practicalities such as making sure that they are visible or how much they need to be moved.

Another factor for you to consider is what you are likely to need to dispose of. The Self-extinguishing Waste Paper Bin is ideal if you are simply disposing of paper, while the Container for Cotton Waste is suitable for the disposal of bulky cleaning rags. Browse the selection to find the right bin for your premises.

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