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Refuse Sack Holders

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DENIOS offers a range of refuse sack holders and bag stands that help create more order at your facility. Available in a standing version, a movable version or for wall mounting.

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Refuse Sack Holders from DENIOS

Keep your laboratory, warehouse or factory floor neat and tidy with refuse sack holders from DENIOS. The ideal way to save time in a busy area, these devices are designed to hold waste disposal bags that collect unwanted materials. Using a DENIOS bin sack stand, staff will not have to prise a bag open or keep the lid up manually as this device takes care of it all. Once the bag is full, it takes just a minute to release it and put a new one in place.

Our refuse bag stands have been developed to suit the varying environments and processes of industry. Along with antistatic versions, we have waste bag stands that are fitted with wheels for manoeuvrability. These are easy to transport around and can be taken to the main collection point for emptying, so staff are not obliged to carry heavy loads. For environmental protection, we have refuse bag holders with lids – these keeps odours inside and create more sanitary-looking surroundings.

DENIOS has single refuse bag holders or multi-holder alternatives, as well as those with a foot pedal and some versions that can be wall-mounted.

Wall-mounted refuse sack holder

Wall-mounted refuse bag holders are designed to take up minimal space and are suitable for sacks of varying capacities. This customisable solution allows you to choose the best place for a bin, and then secure it in place. They come with coloured lids to enable swift sorting and cleanliness. Staff can carry out a thorough clean by sweeping beneath them. For locations where a single bin is needed, the DENIOS Bin Bag Holder Powder Coated Steel With Steel Lid Wall Mounted accepts large 120-litre sacks and also looks hygienic and smart.

Bin bag stands and holders

In laboratories, factories and food production facilities, a stationary waste bag holder will help your business meet health and safety regulations by keeping the work area tidy. Constructed in robust stainless steel, our bin bag stands can hold huge amounts of waste without tearing and won’t require frequent emptying. This cuts down on human traffic and boosts productivity by allowing staff to get on with their work, rather than emptying bins regularly during the day.

Multi-waste collectors

With colour-coded lids, our Waste Collector With Lid, For Four 380 Litre Bags is a single unit that makes a lighter alternative to solid steel or plastic refuse systems. The differing colours make it easy for team members to see where specific waste or recycling should be placed. Accessories such as bin liners with various capacities, and Pictogram Sets to signpost where specific waste should go, are also available.

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