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Stackable Containers

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DENIOS pallet boxes are available in a range of volumes to suit individual needs and can also be used as holding tanks for hazardous materials for containers containing acids, oils or cleaning non-combustibles, whose content can be efficiently retained due to the high chemical resistance of the material.

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Stackable containers: safety and seamless operations first

Whether outside on a construction side or traversing the corridor of a food production facility, space is always at a premium – which makes the transportation and storage solutions used for raw materials and finished products important to get right. The an-swer is the humble stackable container: robust, well designed, safe, secure and used by companies all over the world for countless purposes, stackable boxes can easily be transported around and between sites by hand, forklift, truck or crane without taking up too much precious space.

DENIOS stackable containers: purpose

Head to any warehouse, job site or company premises and one thing will quickly be-come clear: stackable containers are an unavoidable – and indispensable – element of day-to-day operations. Ideal for packing, storing and transporting an enormous array of finished products, raw materials and items for disposal or recycling, stackable con-tainers come in a wealth of models and configurations to meet every requirement.

From standard Euro containers with ergonomic handles and rib-reinforced sides to nestable boxes with hinged lids and large steel containers with crane eyes for transpor-tation via crane, DENIOS stackable boxes can be installed as part of an efficient on-site logistics and transportation workflow. There are multiple volume capacities to choose from, as well as parameters such as height, width and depth, closed/open configuration, weight (net and stacked), number of feet, material (steel, PP, PE), handles and temperature resistance.

Stackable container properties to keep in mind

There is much more to the world of stackable containers than meets the eye – making some more suitable for certain on-site conditions and activities than others. Here are a few important properties to consider when browsing the DENIOS range of stackable boxes and containers.


Nestable boxes can be stacked within each other, making them the ideal solution when it is important to reduce the overall volume, e.g. during return transportation across long distances.

Hinged lid

The ability to seal a stackable container increases its functionality, as it means the goods within are protected at all times – whether from ambient conditions, flying debris or theft. Safe storage makes them an excellent transportation choice, not only in industrial settings, but for all manner of logistics-related activities.


A corrosion-free, durable stackable container is an excellent storage option for recyclable materials, hazardous substances and warehouse goods. If the stackable box is also liquid-tight, it can also be used as a spill pallet for water-polluting substances.

Ease of cleaning

Whether made from polyethylene, polypropylene or steel, stackable containers come with smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe or spray clean and leave to dry. This reduces the amount of time spent by workers on tedious manual tasks and enables them to focus on more productive challenges.

Stackable containers and stackable boxes: the bottom line

No matter how large the job terrain, stackable containers are a solid addition to the complement of on-site equipment due to their ability to save space and protect work-ers from exposure to corrosive materials, chemicals or other potentially hazardous substances. Optimised logistics processes and much more available space are just a click away with DENIOS’s fully stocked inventory of reusable stackable containers. Choose from a range of volumes, colours and materials of both lidded and open mod-els and turn your workplace into a prime example of efficiency and safety.

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