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Small Container Shelving

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Ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and laboratories, small container shelving systems allow small amounts of hazardous materials to be kept easily at hand for when they are required, helping to increase workplace efficiency.

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Where to use small container shelving?

Warehouses, workshops and laboratories are just a few of the places that require small container shelving as part of their storage system for hazardous materials. Having small amounts of these substances can allow them to be kept easily at hand for when they are required, helping to increase workplace efficiency. Good containment shelving will ensure that they are easily located as well as preventing the contents from causing damage, injury or contamination. With an extensive range of shelving at DENIOS, you can find shelving to fit your required space, with the option of combining units or adding an extension shelf unit to provide you with sufficient storage space. The small container shelving in the range at DENIOS is adjustable in increments of 25 mm, making it a form of storage that is versatile enough for many different containers.

Choosing shelving

All the hazardous material containment shelving in the range at DENIOS UK is made to a high standard, with the galvanised frame having a powder coating for additional protection. All have a sump pallet at their base to contain any leaks and spills, preventing them from causing contamination or damage. There is a wide choice of bay width, allowing you to choose a size that fits your premises, as well as a choice in the number of storage shelves – so whether you have just a few containers that need storing or a vast array, there will be shelving to suit you.

Another major consideration to make when choosing containment shelving is the type of hazardous materials that you wish to store, such as flammable liquids, substances that are corrosive in nature, or those that might contaminate water. Those with small container shelves with a plastic spill pallet are designed to contain aggressive substances such as acids and alkalis. Choose small container shelving with a steel or stainless steel sump as shelving for flammable substances. Also in the range at DENIOS UK, you will find containment shelving for water-polluting substances.

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