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Small Container Shelving

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Ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and laboratories, small container shelving systems allow small amounts of hazardous materials to be kept easily at hand for when they are required, helping to increase workplace efficiency.

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Small container shelving: a big impact on storage

Professionals working in industries such as construction, engineering, pharmaceuticals or agriculture frequently need to use hazardous materials as part of their jobs. Howev-er, these materials need to be stored safely when not in use, with any risk of spillage or leakage being contained in the event of an accident or extensive wear and tear. A system that is robust, adjustable and rated for hazardous material storage is essential – and DENIOS small container shelving solutions are the answer.

Where to use small container shelving?

Warehouses, workshops and laboratories are just a few of the places that require small container shelving as part of their storage system for hazardous materials. Having small amounts of these substances can allow them to be kept easily at hand for when they are required, helping to increase workplace efficiency. Good containment shelving will ensure that they are easily located as well as preventing the contents from causing damage, injury or contamination. With an extensive range of shelving at DENIOS UK, you can find shelving to fit your required space, with the option of combining units or adding an extension shelf unit to provide you with sufficient storage space. The small container shelving in the range at DENIOS UK is adjustable in increments of 25mm, making it a form of storage that is versatile enough for many different containers.

Small container shelving units from DENIOS are designed to store hazardous materials and flammable liquids securely while also both ensuring professionals have rapid access to the resources they need and minimising damage in the event of a spill. Perfect for installation in metalworking and carpentry workshops, materials processing plants, warehouses, laboratories and environments where working with hazardous chemicals is the norm, all small container racking solutions from DENIOS are made of a galvanised steel frame with durable shelves and a removable spill tray or spill pallet to contain leaks. They have been tested for seal integrity in accordance with EN 3452-1. These units can be expanded and combined as desired to create an optimised storage setup in the workplace.

Properties to consider when selecting small container racking

From basic four-shelf units to extended storage solutions, small container shelving comes with various distinct features that should be taken into consideration when set-tling on the best model for a particular workspace. The main qualities are:

Shelving height

It is important to opt for small container shelving that can be adjusted incrementally to accommodate containers and receptacles of various dimensions. This also allows shelves to be removed, enabling them to be cleaned with ease on a regular basis.

Compliance and testing

When browsing available small container shelving solutions, check to see that the con-tainer racking system has been seal-tested, as this ensures that any leaks or spills will be contained to the spill pallet, rather than contaminating the rest of the unit or the ground. A declaration of compliance should also be present, as this verifies that the product is in accordance with EU-specific legislation. This is the case for all DENIOS small container shelving products.


Small container shelving units tend to be installed in high-activity areas where bumps and knocks are all-but-inevitable. This is why it is important to opt for a small racking system with a sturdy construction, preferably with reinforcing crossbars and a galva-nised frame – such as the models offered by DENIOS. This ensures the unit will remain in use for years to come without the risk of failure.

Flammable liquids

If flammable liquids need to be stored on site, it is important to opt for a small racking unit rated to hold canisters or dispensers containing such liquids. Hazmat-rated small container racking designed for this purpose will feature a flammable liquid sign (a red diamond with a flame) as confirmation.

Small container shelving and racking: the bottom line

Keep hazardous materials safe and secure, yet still easily accessible by authorised per-sonnel with small container shelving systems from DENIOS. All units are robust, corro-sion-resistant and legally compliant all while enhancing flexibility and optimizing the use of space with their height-adjustable shelves. Thanks to the built-in spill tray, there is no risk of major leakage or spills – for an efficient, easy-to-clean workspace.

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