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Cantilever shelving

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Cantilever shelving is the ideal, space-saving solution for storing long goods as well as sheet or panel goods. They are available as single-sided or double-sided shelving with different arm loads. Our shop offers both welded and plug-in shelving that can be flexibly customised to the respective application. Many cantilever shelving systems are available as basic and add-on bays so that a customised racking line can be put together.

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Cantilever shelving from DENIOS Ireland

What is cantilever shelving?

Cantilever shelving is designed for storing long goods such as iron bars, pipes, beams and sheet or plate goods such as steel or wooden panels. Depending on the stored goods and storage quantity, cantilever racking is available in different designs. They differ in the bay dimensions, the arm length and the arm load. Cantilever shelving is available as single-sided or double-sided racking. Thanks to plug-in cantilever arms, these shelves can be flexibly adapted to the respective application. For additional protection, they can be fitted with roll-off pins or floor anchors.

Which cantilever shelving systems does DENIOS offer?

DENIOS offers a wide range of cantilever shelving. Cantilever shelving is available for single-sided or double-sided use. The range includes shelving for light loads from 140 kg per arm up to medium-heavy loads of up to 535 kg per arm. Cantilever shelving with plug-in cantilever arms is available as a basic and add-on bay. This means that a row of shelving can be customised to suit your company's requirements. Thanks to the plug-in system, the cantilever arms can be flexibly hooked in at 100 mm intervals and adapted to the respective application. Additional cantilever arms are available as accessories to supplement existing cantilever racking as well as roll-off pins and dowelling sets for additional protection.

Where are cantilever shelving systems used?

Cantilever shelving is used both in industry and in craft businesses where long and bulky goods need to be stored. They are primarily used in warehouses as well as in production.

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