Protective Glasses

Protective glasses

DENIOS offer a range of safety glasses and protective eyewear to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes.

Protective glasses are a key component of PPE. To protect the eyes, protective eyewear is still the easiest solution to implement.

For users without glasses choose modern, efficient protection such as safety goggles from Uvex brand. Elastic and comfortable, these goggles are extremely resistant against many chemicals. The goggles are easy to clean and comfortable to wear thanks to their lightness.

For users with glasses, DENIOS offers efficient and comfortable on-glasses. If you want to cover a large part of the face, mask-glasses are the optimal choice.

DENIOS distributes goggles from 3M brands EKASTU, Sperian and Uvex. Select from this comprehensive range goggles adapted to your area of ​​use.

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