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Hearing Protection

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Due to their robust insulating power, the earplugs offered by DENIOS UK meet the requirements of European Directive 2003/10 / EC regarding the minimum health and safety requirements with reference to the exposure of employees to the risks arising from noise.

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Hearing protection: for now and later in life

Investing in adequate hearing protection is a wise decision, both to avoid discomfort when exposed to loud noises in the short term and to prevent permanent damage to the ears later in life. With hearing loss constituting a significant problem among profes-sionals working with loud machinery, vehicles or assembly equipment, noise-reducing earplugs and ear defenders should be a fixture of all good personal protective equip-ment inventories.

DENIOS hearing protection: purpose

It takes just 15 minutes of exposure to loud noises for an individual to suffer hearing loss. This may come as a shock to those who work in the vicinity of noisy machinery, but any noise above 85 A-weighted decibels can pose a risk. Known as “noise-induced hearing loss”, or NCHL, it may not be as severe – or as visible – as an injury to the eyes or hands, the damage caused to the sensitive structures inside the ear can be irreparable. The result: permanent hearing loss, tinnitus and the need for expensive hearing aids (often not covered by insurance) in order to restore the individual’s lost ability to hear.

Fortunately, the answer is simple: quality hearing protection. DENIOS stocks tried-and-tested work ear plugs and ear defenders from reliable brands including Howard Leight, uvex, Honeywell and 3M to help prevent protect the ears and prevent hearing loss among professionals in environments where exposure to loud noises is the norm. Work ear plugs are available in packs of 50, 100 and 200 depending on the style, and come in disposable and reusable variants. Noise-reducing ear plugs are designed to mould themselves to the contours of the wearer’s ear canal, making them ideal for sustained use while ensuring excellent speech recognition (essential when working in a team). Work ear plugs are manufactured in high-visibility colours to make them easy to find, and some variants come with hygiene boxes for proper storage before and after the working day.

Choosing the right hearing protection: things to consider

Personal preference may vary when it comes to selecting earplugs for work. To help you make an informed decision regarding which hearing protection to choose when browsing the full DENIOS range, it is worth taking the following factors into consideration:


While most earplugs for work are designed to be universal, some versions are based around a compact, ergonomic shape for smaller ear canals. There are also variants that feature a fixed stem with soft discs for simple insertion, removal and cleaning.


Work ear plugs made from soft polyurethane foam reduce the feeling of pressure in the ear canal. Synthetic rubber earplugs are designed for reusability and longevity, while silicon variants are good for environments subject to moderate noise levels (i.e. in situations where full sealing of the ear canal is unnecessary).


Another personal preference to consider is whether to opt for corded or cordless work ear plugs. The former style is fitted with a cord or band to reduce the risk of loss when storing the ear plugs for prolonged periods as well as to enhance overall user-friendliness in jobs where frequent removal and reinsertion are required. By contrast, cordless noise-reducing ear plugs offer more freedom of movement and eliminate the risk of a cord becoming caught on moving equipment or machinery.

Additional features

Some ear plugs and ear defenders come with additional useful properties, such as heating protection, dielectric shielding to insulate the wearer when working with elec-tricity, and special membranes to allow the wearer to hear conversations and other acoustic signals without compromising on hearing protection against background noise.

Hearing protection and earplugs for work: the bottom line

Comfortable, affordable and offering excellent sound absorption, it is well worth invest-ing in hearing protection for professionals who operate in working environments sub-ject to loud noises (whether repetitive or not). DENIOS has a wide range of noise-reducing ear plugs and ear defenders that have been carefully selected for their ability to perform under very loud conditions in accordance with EN 352 while preventing for-eign bodies from entering the ear canal and causing injury to the wearer. All prefer-ences are catered for, whether as a cordless design or with a head bracket or band, and additional accessories are available – including wall-mounted, easy-fill dispensers and hygienic storage boxes – so there is no excuse not to make hearing protection part of a well-functioning workplace that meets the highest safety standards.

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