Barriers and Chain Stands


Barriers and shut-off aids are universally applicable for car parks, parking spaces or as a road divider. Shut-off devices are used to secure construction sites and as an element for keeping throughways or reserving parking and storage areas.

Shear locks are designed to quickly secure potential hazards, making them ideal for construction sites, road or parking barriers and lane demarcations.

The scissors bar is infinitely extendable. Passenger guidance systems are equipped with a flexible belt system for securing walkways, storage areas, mops, passages etc. for indoor and outdoor use. The posts are all with integrated and self-winding straps.

Chain stands by DENIOS are available in different versions with floor trough, with foot and with arched base plate. The chain stands with bottom tub can be filled with sand or stones.

You can also find the right stopcocks in our online shop in different color combinations and optionally in plastic or hot-dip galvanized steel.

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