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Leak Detectors

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The first automatic hazardous substance leak detector system SpillGuard® detects dangerous leaks. As soon as the SpillGuard® comes into contact with liquid, it alerts you with an acoustic and visual alarm. It can be used in almost all hazardous material storage systems."

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SpillGuard® – the Revolution in Hazardous Substance Leak Detection

Protection of employees through leak detectors

The early detection of leaks of liquid hazardous substances is essential for the protection of employees and the environment as well as for the avoidance of consequential costs. With the SpillGuard® leakage detector, DENIOS has developed the first completely self-sufficient warning system for hazardous leaks. The SpillGuard® detects the leakage as soon as it comes into contact with liquid and sounds an acoustic and visual alarm. The hazardous substance leakage warning system can be used in almost any type of hazardous substance storage system such as drip pans, hazardous substance shelves, hazardous substance depots, hazardous substance cabinets and walk-in hazardous substance stores.

Detect leaking flammable liquids in time

If flammable liquids leak out, an explosive atmosphere can quickly develop. To ensure that you are warned immediately in the event of an emergency, we recommend the use of the SpillGuard® hazardous substance leak warning system in the spill tray. Here you can find out everything about the use, application and further product details of the SpillGuard®.

NEW: The SpillGuard has an approval for ATEX Zone 0 and thus fulfils the strictest requirements for explosion protection.

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