Heating Systems for Drums and IBCs

Heating Systems for Drums and IBCs

Our heaters for drums and intermediate bulk containers work by transferring heat to the contents, something that may be necessary to support a range of industrial applications. Some types of material have to be kept at a specific temperature for processing, while others solidify if they cool off, and some will lose viscosity. When your company stores a substance that needs to be pumped, emptied or poured before use, maintaining it at an optimal temperature is essential.

DENIOS UK has a collection of specialist drum heating jackets for containers of between 25 and 1,000 litres, along with accessories that help companies to store temperature-sensitive materials safely.

Our heating systems

Industry uses IBCs to store both granulated and liquid materials, including chemicals, oils and food ingredients. A key concern of any business is to keep them at precisely the right temperature because any deviation can increase waste and therefore costs. IBC Heating Jackets, such as our HM4, insulate containers of between 4,060 and 4,310mm and are thermostatically controlled. Designed to perform in a busy industrial environment, they are produced in a robust water-repelling polyamide and can be purchased with an insulating hood if needed. Some of our drum heating jackets, such as the HM3 A, are designed to cover a large surface area, but we also have smaller heating belts that are flexible, light and easy to install.

For companies that deal with gases or liquids in a potentially explosive atmosphere, DENIOS UK has put together a selection of EX-rated Heating Jackets to help keep employees and property safe. Certified for use in zones one and two, our Heating Jacket HM-G is suitable for gas cylinders of varying sizes. It maintains a steady temperature, so the gas can be smoothly dispensed as needed. You can use it indoors or in covered outdoor areas to gently warm the cylinder to avoid problems with freezing in winter.

Drum Heating Systems

Companies that store materials in drums or barrels may use drum heaters to melt, regulate viscosity levels, provide warmth for chemical reactions, and to preheat. These devices are best known for freeze protection, but they offer a raft of other efficiency-boosting services for the average business. Our drum heater type FH-K 1.5 for 200-litre drums has lockable castors, and in many cases can be used to bring products to a liquid from a solid state, removing the need for a secondary melting device

Base Heaters

Some products need a little extra heat to ensure a full melt, and there may be times when you want to hurry things along. DENIOS UK has base heaters that sit underneath a drum and deliver direct heat. You can use one on its own or combine it with a drum heater and a GFK hood for faster results. Even in hazardous areas, our induction drum base heater type IBP, EEXE II T3 can help you and your team achieve maximum productivity. With an ex-zone one and two safety rating, it will not overheat, and is ideal for use with steel drums of up to 205 litres, even in the harsher environments of a factory or laboratory.

Drum Heater Accessories

To further increase the utility of our heating systems, we have a selection of accessories that give you even more control over the temperature of your materials. Our customers that handle drums know that they are a valuable method of storing lubricants and liquids, but safe transportation of these large heavy units is essential. The DENIOS UK Lifter Model TLF is a drum handler that can assist your team with this difficult task, enabling them to move a drum securely and precisely every time.

We also have a selection of insulated covers and hoods designed to prevent rapid cooling and provide more complex ways of controlling temperature. Our Power Controller BF 400 is intended for use with the Induction Heating Unit 117719 and allows for manual temperature control. An efficient solution that can be installed in any safe area within your facility, they work by reducing the heater’s input voltage.

Our service

We want our customers to feel secure whenever they buy from us, so all of our heating systems are delivered with up to four years warranty and we have a 30-day returns policy – check our terms and conditions for more details. Furthermore, to support our customers, we always have an expert on hand to give advice and help you keep things running smoothly, so please contact us when necessary.