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Heating chambers

Heating chambers from DENIOS Ireland are already available as a standard product in various sizes and equipment variants. An individual solution can be adapted  where our standard range of products does not cover your requirements. This enables us to ensure optimum integration into your production environment. DENIOS has extensive experience in creating individual projects. We have brought together some of our exciting case studies for you.

Product solutions

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Fast and efficient heating

Targeted, turbulent air flow

When the heating chamber is in heating mode, it forms an airtight enclosed space. In the upper area, the air is drawn in by a radial fan and heated via a downstream heat exchanger. The heated air is reintroduced through air ducts below the products in the tray area. The turbulent air flow ensures that the boundary layer is quickly broken through during heat exchange and the heat reaches the containers more quickly.

Effective, 100 mm thick insulation

A high energy level always seeks the way to the lower one, so energy losses are unavoidable. To minimise heat loss, the insulation of the heating chamber is 100 mm thick. The supporting frame is also fully insulated, thus avoiding a thermal bridge. The heating coil and air ducts are located inside the chamber, which means that the heat remains in the system. This is how DENIOS heating chambers achieve high energy efficiency.

Control technology and programmability

What requirements does the desired heating process place on the control system of the heating chamber?

Depending on what the heating process requires, whether

  • a constant temperature throughout,

  • different temperatures for different materials,

  • a temperature curve or

  • time-controlled switching on/off,

this results in different specifications for the control of the heating chamber.

A wide range of control concepts can be realised, from mechanical controllers to flexible PLCs.

How can process reliability be guaranteed?

The standard control of the heating chamber provides reliable control of the temperature in the heating chamber. In the event of overheating, the control system switches off the energy supply. If the temperature sensor is faulty, a safety temperature limiter (STL) takes over the switch-off. This ensures a high level of process reliability at all times.

In addition, the following control mechanisms can be set up, e.g. to recognise manual operating errors and rectify them:

Premium control with error history and temperature curves

In the event of faulty margins, the logs can be used to check whether there were errors in the process

Connection of selected sensor(s) to the customer's DCS

for seamless (remote) monitoring

For high control requirements, the core temperature can also be measured directly in the individual container. (See case study).

Take advantage of our expert advice!

Customised advice, service and product diversity are our strengths.

Our customer advisors are on site for you!

Free expert advice +44 1952 811 991

Important additions to your heating chamber


Take advantage of the DENIOS product variety to set up your thermal chamber. Benefit from turnkey delivery. We can also take care of the fire alarm system and the condition monitoring system. Discover many innovations for modern heat treatment in our equipment range. We are happy to advise you on-site in order to configure a solution tailored to your needs.


We are your full-service partner. We will take care of all your service needs. This means you can concentrate fully on your business. What else can we do for you? Let's talk about it. Our employees are there to help you. With DENIOS you can rely on us as a competent service partner.



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