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Equipment for Heating Chambers

We aim to optimise your heating chamber or room system to exactly meet your requirements in an uncomplicated and efficient manner. As a manufacturer we know exactly what our customers need and have included the right modules in our comprehensive range of equipment. Choose suitable options for your safety and convenience from a wide range of proven components.

Product Handling

The logistical processes within a production system are essential for your economic success. So that you do not have to repack, we can adapt handling to suit your material flow.

We offer even more!

Our range of equipment is continuously being expanded. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further products.

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Room Access

Planning the access to a room should also be given in-depth consideration. Alongside safety aspects (e.g. door hold-open systems for fire-rated doors), ease of operation (e.g. by remote control) and clear access for lifting and transport equipment (e.g. using access ramps) are vital to ensure work processes run smoothly.

Use of Space

Our solutions are as flexible as your applications. This means you can adapt the basic structure of our systems according to your ideas in order to achieve maximum return.

Third storage level

  • High storage capacity on a small footprint
  • Economic use of the production area
  • Can be combined with handling system for easy and safe loading of the third position level

Adjusted shelf heights

  • Height-adjustable shelf with removable grating and push-through protection
  • Flexible number of shelf levels
  • Enables optimum utilisation of the setting capacity with different container types

Vertical partition walls

  • Creation of different setting / storage / climate / temperature areas in one room system
  • Different substances can be set/treated separately from each other in accordance with the law/temperature requirements
  • For smaller setting quantities, cost-effective alternative to separate room systems

We offer even more!

Our range of equipment is continuously being expanded. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further products.

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Work Safety

The provision of safety and health-related information is of great importance for preventive work safety. Clear labelling of hazards helps to reduce risks in the workplace and prevent occupational accidents.

Lockable Infoboard Outdoor

  • Suitable for providing appropriate work instructions and information for occupational safety in accordance with the risk assessment
  • Various sizes on request


  • Ensures good visibility inside and/or outside the thermal chamber
  • LED interior or exterior lighting
  • Emergency lighting enables work to be completed carefully even in the event of a power failure

Emergency signalling

  • Various detection systems available according to requirements, e.g. alarm manual call point, fire detector
  • Can trigger acoustic and / or visual warning signal and / or forward to process control system
  • Further protective measures can be integrated into the control technology of the thermal chamber

First aid

  • A first aid station attached to the thermal chamber or nearby provides quick access to the necessary first aid.
  • You will find a wide range of products in our diverse first aid assortment.
  • Choose your individual equipment according to your needs.

We offer even more!

Our range of equipment is continuously being expanded. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further products.

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Air Extraction

The air extraction function interrupts air recirculation at regulated times to prevent the accumulation of dangerous gas concentrations. Toxic gases produced by substances being handled and hazardous air contaminants are extracted. The doors can be opened without danger while complying with the occupational exposure limits (OEL). The creation of an explosive atmosphere is also counteracted. The energy discharged via the air extracted can be fed back into the system with the aid of heat recovery or used for other operational purposes.

Exhaust air function

  • Controls the air exchange permanently, time- or signal-controlled
  • Prevents the occurrence of dangerous gas concentrations
  • Optionally combinable with resource-saving heat recovery

Heat recovery from the exhaust air

  • Regenerative system in addition to the exhaust air function
  • Recovery of thermal energy from the exhaust air
  • Economic advantages: increase in energy efficiency, reduction in operating costs
  • Ecological advantages: Conservation of resources and reduction of emissions

Fire Protection

The targeted, preventive fire protection measures aim to prevent fires and explosions or to contain them until the fire brigade arrives. Unwanted changes in the chemical and / or physical properties of the stored products due to temperature influence or contact with extinguishing agents should be excluded. The same applies to collateral damage (smoke damage, fire water damage, environmental damage and damage following equipment breakdown). The ultimate aim is to restore operational readiness as quickly as possible.

We offer even more!

Our range of equipment is continuously being expanded. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further products.

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Industry-specific Versions

Whether heating, cooling, tempering, melting or drying: we offer customised thermotechnology solutions for all industrial sectors that work with temperature-sensitive substances. Solutions for small requirements and for large volumes. Whether heating or melting up to 150°C, frost-free storage or cooled down to -25°C – with DENIOS you've got the right equipment for all your needs.

Stainless steel design, GMP-compliant

  • Suitable for clean room applications
  • The thermochamber design enables optimal cleaning processes
  • GMP-compliant documentation is provided to accompany the product

Silicone free version

  • Suitable for industrial areas where freedom from paint disturbance is required
  • The product is, according to human judgement, silicone-free or free of substances incompatible with lacquering.

DENIOS Connect Condition Monitoring

The sensor equipment, e.g. temperature sensor, fire/smoke detector, gas detector, etc. forms the basis for the smart condition monitoring ("DENIOS connect") of your heat chamber. Depending on your functional requirements, you can choose between two control variants for data acquisition and processing. These can be individually extended in their functional range by additional options. Data transfer can be conveniently implemented via USB, Modbus or mobile telephone connection.

Outdoor Installation

Extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent. This must also be taken into account in the design and statics of a room system for outdoor installation. DENIOS room systems are stable and resistant to external forces. Additional equipment options also offer personal and product protection against the effects of the weather. With our sustainable product ideas "Think Green" you show a green thumb.

Reconditioning check

  • Free status check of the material condition, function and equipment of your thermal chamber by our certified service personnel
  • Free initial consultation on reconditioning and preventive maintenance by our service technicians

Take advantage of our expert advice!

Customised advice, service and product diversity are our strengths.

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