Impact protection and Impact Corner Guard

Impact and corner protection

DENIOS offer a range of impact protection systems for protecting corners and edges from impact and bumps and to improve safety within your business.

Impact protection profiles offered by DENIOS protect walls, pillars and corners from damage and also reduce the risk of injury to employees. DENIOS also offer surface protection and shelf protection systems. The warning colour of the impact protection guards signal to all employees of the possible danger.

All protection systems are also suitable for high traffic areas in warehouses and production and assembly is of course very easy.

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Avoid costly accidents


The most common accident causes with forklift trucks in operation are the start-up of components or persons. Ridges as such are also to be classified as potential injury risks and must be considered accordingly.

Measures for edge protection therefore fulfill a double function as material and employee protection products.

Characteristic for the marking of edges are the black-yellow or red-and-white signal markings, which are often found in industrial environments and logistics centers.

These DENIOS products ensure effective start-up and edge protection:

  • Corner protection profiles
  • Surface protection
  • Pillar protection profiles

Depending on the application area, different measures and products are understood as edge protection. In logistics and industry these are generally all the above products, which protect pillars and edges from impacts.

Protection and prevention

Protection helps not only to save expensive inventory and to separate traffic routes. The products are above all also suitable for increasing the safety of their own employees with little effort. Depending on the product design, only a few handgrips are sufficient for proper assembly.

Anti-collision angles and profiles are usually anchored in the ground by means of screws. The necessary mounting material is supplied and allows non-specialists the correct installation. The same applies to wall protection profiles, which in most cases are made of polyethylene.

PU foam face protection products are continuous magnetic and can be placed directly on metallic surfaces. In this case, the material allows a quick adjustment to the desired length, a sharp knife is sufficient.