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Transport Containers and Storage Containers

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Containers for storage and in-house transport facilitate daily operations. The DENIOS range offers versatile solutions.

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Transport and Storage Containers from DENIOS Ireland

DENIOS is proud to offer numerous transport and storage containers as part of our production and operations equipment product line.

All industries need the ability to transport and store materials and products efficiently. To that end, DENIOS has a broad range of transport and storage containers available to meet your specific needs. Our product line includes stackable containers, tipping skips, transport boxes, aluminium boxes and transport trolleys, mesh boxes and accessories, pallets, pails and big bags and accessories.

Whatever your applications, our company has transport containers that you can trust.

Stackable containers

DENIOS offers stacking containers and heavy duty plastic pallet boxes. You can buy our stackable containers in steel or polyethylene, dependent on the product that you plan to store. They are available in both open and closed versions.

Products such as our Stackable Stainless Steel Container are stable, weather-resistant and easy to clean. Holding a maximum loading capacity of 2.5 tonnes, you can safely stack up to five full containers. The version with four closed walls is perfect for storing raw materials and consumables, sand, granules and salt for road gritting, and it works well for waste collection as well as packaging. Our model featuring two open walls is perfect for goods of greater length.

You can easily transport both versions by forklift truck or pallet truck. You can also use the closed plastic stackable containers as holding tanks for hazardous materials, including acids, oils and non-combustible cleaning agents.

Tipping skips

DENIOS has a wide variety of steel and polyethylene tipping skips available. Our polyethylene tipping skips make it easy to access large quantities of production materials and help with collecting residual and recyclable materials. Large-capacity tipping skips such as the Blue Polyethylene Skip facilitate the provision of small parts. They are easy to clean, corrosion-free and weather-resistant.

Multi-purpose containers

From document boxes and large pallet boxes to protective cases and universal boxes, DENIOS has a strong portfolio of multi-purpose storage containers for different pur-poses – such as the transportation of sensitive papers, high-value electronic equip-ment, hazardous materials or liquids.

Open-fronted storage bins and shelving bins

Efficiency guaranteed: when mounted on a shelving rack, open-fronted storage bins provide workers with rapid access to small parts and essential tools. This also makes it easier to maintain a good overview of which components are in plentiful supply – and which ones require restocking.

Mesh boxes

DENIOS offers an impressive range of mesh boxes to meet your specific needs. Our mesh grid boxes, including the Mesh Box GW-Z, are ideal for storing, collecting and transporting barrels, tanks or small containers. Fork pockets provide the necessary lift recess for the safe transporting of boxes. Inserts for the mesh grid boxes allow you to transport small packs and loose bulk materials.

Aluminium boxes and transport trolleys

For the storage and transportation of high-value goods on work sites, there is no better solution than a robust aluminium box. Strong, lightweight and available in stackable and wheeled variants, these storage containers are a welcome addition to any industrial environment.

Big bags

Big bags are mainstays of construction sites and agricultural environments due to their ability to store loose materials such as soil, turf and wood chips. Big bags can be transported by forklift or crane thanks to the lifting loops on each of their corners.


The storage of hot ashes and other volatile materials calls for a solution that is resilient, stable and corrosion-proof. Galvanised steel, stainless steel, plastic and polypropylene buckets are available in different volumes and pack sizes to meet every need.

Storage containers and packing containers: the bottom line

The key to optimised material handling: equip your facility with quality portable and fixed storage container solutions from DENIOS. Stocking well-known brands alongside DENIOS’s own range of premium products, the available configurations are virtually endless – making it easier than ever to comply with safety regulations, keep personnel productive and create a clean, efficient facility that works like clockwork.

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