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Cleaning Fluids

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DENIOS cleaning fluids are compatible with all ultrasonic cleaning equipment. They prolong the life of your ultrasonic unit and are biodegradable. Adapted for cleaning grease, oils, dust, rust, lime etc.

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Cleaning Agents from DENIOS

Whether you work in the automotive industry, chemical and pharmaceutical sector, or in an engineering company, the workplace has to be cleaned. That means making decisions on what cleaning fluids can be used depending upon the workplace, the nature of the room or workshop being cleaned, and what other materials are used there. Environmental protection is important for all products purchased for use across all industries, including choosing the correct cleaning agents. DENIOS has a range of cleaning fluids, including those suitable for laboratories and workshops, carburettor and injection nozzles, and toner cassettes.

Cleaning Fluids

The cleaning fluids from DENIOS are all compatible with ultrasonic cleaning equipment, prolonging its life. They are also biodegradable and dissolve grease, resins, wax, oils, soot, bitumen and tar splashes and can be used in workshops as well as with high-pressure parts cleaning tables. Some are suitable for surfaces made of ceramics, plastics, metal, glass and rubber, whereas others clean stainless steel, iron, carbide, non-ferrous metal, precious metals, iron, grey cast iron, brass and nickel. When deciding which industrial cleaning agent you should buy, consider that substances that may be in the room or equipment that needs to be cleaned may contain chemicals, dusts, mists, vapours or fumes.

We also offer a bio.x product range, which cleans using natural processes, doesn’t produce volatile organic compounds, is not subject to solvent regulations, and requires no special safety measures. The bio.x range can be used with Washing Tables.

Parts cleaning and washing tables

Some of the range of DENIOS cleaning fluids can be used with parts cleaning units, which can be used for many purposes, such as cleaning or degreasing small components or to prepare for paint and print duties. The bio.x range is for use by one or two employees and replaces solvent-based cleaners with environmentally friendly biological cleaning agents. This user-friendly and ergonomic system comes with a range of accessories and is not harmful to employees’ health. DENIOS also stocks an Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner, which can reach even inaccessible places. It eliminates manual cleaning with a brush and has two purification steps for gentle and intense cleaning. Other cleaning equipment includes Dip and Wash Tanks for the safe cleaning of small parts and the Small Parts Cleaners, which are ideal for manual cleaning or small batches.

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