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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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Safety vacuum cleaners are used for asbestos and wood dust as well as carcinogenic dusts which cause illnesses. These safety vacuum cleaners are designed to meet the requirements of health, safety and noise reduction laws and are also available in an explosion-proof version according to ATEX 94/9 / EC

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Safety Vacuum Cleaners - DENIOS

Facilities that produce hazardous dust need to implement the highest of work safety solutions. It is vital to protect the wellbeing of your team when they go about a clear-up, ensuring that they are not exposed to the harmful particles in asbestos dust, or other types of fine dust from ceramics, lead or wood.

DENIOS safety vacuum cleaners are hardy enough to recover dust in demanding industrial environments, and also easy to use. Designed to collect various classes of dust without disturbing the surrounding area, all models meet European safety standards. We also have explosion-proof versions that meet the ATEX 94/9/EC standard – this relates to protecting employees who work in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Dealing with asbestos dust

For companies that have to manage H-class hazardous dust, DENIOS has an excellent solution that can be used either wet or dry. Our Safety Vacuum Cleaner S 560-Asbestos, Max Rating 1200 W, Volume 70 Litres is constructed to function in an industrial setting. Featuring a sturdy build quality, this powerful unit is also extremely quiet when in use, so operators will not disturb their colleagues. It can deal with all carcinogenic and pathogen-containing dust, along with dust types that have a Work Exposure Limit as set out by the Health and Safety Executive. To ensure that dirt can be extracted from an awkward area, there is a 3m suction hose, a crevice nozzle and a curved hand pipe.

Safety vacuum cleaners for explosive dust

Despite its compact size, our Safety Vacuum Cleaner S 990, Ex Zone 22 For Dust Classes M and H, Max Rating 2200 W, 50 Litre Volume delivers an impressive performance. As it is produced using brushless motors, the machine remains spark-free when in use, so staff safety in Zone 22 areas is maintained. It can remove specks of dust with WEL values, including those that contain pathogens or carcinogens, and it meets the current European safety standards for dealing with these substances. The specialist soft-start motor keeps the flow of power low when the unit is first switched on to avoid any drop in voltage – a feature that ultimately extends the life of the cleaner. These explosion-proof vacuum cleaners come with a filter bag, a disposal bag and a motor-cooled air filter.

Class B1 industrial vacuum cleaners

For businesses that carry out industrial processes, or research and develop new products, our Safety Vacuum Cleaner S 960 For Dust Class B1, Max Rating 1500 W, Container Volume 70 Litres is an ideal solution to your cleaning requirements. Developed to meet the European safety standards around working with harmful substances, it is finished in hardy stainless steel and has two fixed and two swivel casters for increased manoeuvrability.

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