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Drum lifters

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Drum lifters and transporters from DENIOS enable the loading and unloading of drums from spill pallets or Euro pallets. Different chassis options and various drum tools can be configured, enabling a wide range of applications for general use. The various products are designed for lifting, turning and transporting steel or plastic drums. Manual, electro-hydraulic drives or foot pumps make drum handling simpler.

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Drum lifters from DENIOS

Lifting, turning and dispensing made easy with drum lifters from DENIOS

Handling hazardous materials in drums can quickly become a logistical challenge for the employees involved. When filled, drums can usually no longer be handled by a single person, a second employee has to lend a hand and even with combined forces, everyday operations such as lifting, turning and dispensing can only be carried out with difficulty. The safety of employees is also difficult to guarantee if professional tools are not used. Drum lifters from DENIOS are specially developed for these tasks and meet almost every requirement of modern manufacturing companies thanks to their extensive range of equipment options.

What are drum lifters?

Comfort and optimum safety for employees during drum handling are the top priorities. Drum lifters from DENIOS are available in many different configurations. Drum lifters with a wider than normal chassis and hydraulic pump grip 205 litre steel drums and plastic drums of various types and sizes by means of an automatically closing drum clamp. Drum lifters make lifting and transporting much easier for you. The adjustable drum clamp holds the drum securely. The chassis width is designed so that Euro pallets can be driven over with the drum lifter. This means that drums standing on the back of the pallet can also be easily gripped and moved. Different drum holders ensure that all drum types commonly used on the market are compatible with DENIOS handling tools.

What are drum transporters?

DENIOS drum transporters offer numerous advantages for the user. With a drum transporter, the user can pick up drums effortlessly, for example 205 litre steel drums, with rim, from a Euro pallet. Drum transporters make it much easier for the user to lift and move your drums. A gas spring in the drum transporter ensures that the picking up and setting down movement is controlled and not jerky or abrupt. The drum is securely locked and held via the 3 pick-up points and a double locking device. The drum is perfectly held in position.

More machines for lateral drum transport with minimal vertical lift can found in our Drum Trolleys & Drum Dollies category.

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