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Drum pumps manufactured out of polypropylene are well-suited for the laboratory and chemical areas prone to exposure to acids and alkalis. The different plunge depths of the drum pumps allow them to be used in containers of different sizes. You can start using them immediately as the laboratory drum pumps are delivered as a ready-to-use set.

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Laboratory drum pumps from DENIOS

As part of our full line of electric drum pumps for hazardous material handling products, DENIOS offers an excellent selection of laboratory drum pumps.

Dispensing liquids in a laboratory setting requires precision and care to avoid contaminating the testing area. DENIOS offers a broad range of laboratory drum pumps to meet the varying requirements in laboratory settings.

Our drum pumps which are manufactured from polypropylene, so they are well-suited to laboratory settings and chemical areas that might be susceptible to exposure to alkalis and acids. The various plunge depths of the different drum pump versions allow employees to use them in containers of several sizes. You can begin using them immediately, as our laboratory drum pump products are all delivered as ready-to-use sets.

Our electrical transfer pumps are manufactured from Niro stainless steel and are ideally suited for lubricants, in particular oil-based lubricants, softening agents and degreasers. Users can choose from two plunge depths, and these drum pumps are also each delivered as a complete set.

DENIOS offers a wide selection of electric lab pumps for use in both laboratories and the chemical industry. They are designed for use with viscosity-acids, alkalis and chemicals, and they are suitable for oil-based lubricants, cold cleaning agents and softeners. We offer an electrical drum pump manufactured from Niro stainless steel, which is light and easy to use for dispensing liquids safely into small containers. A 230V motor powers the transfer pump, which comes with a 3m cable and an electrical plug. The pump is delivered complete and ready to use, and it includes a drum adapter, a 1.5m PVC hose that resists liquids and gas, and a nozzle.

A useful accessory for any laboratory drum pump is an optional flow meter specifically designed for laboratory use. The flow meter comes with a long-life lithium battery, and you can calibrate it in accordance with the liquid you are monitoring.

Battery-operated lab pumps

We also offer a choice of battery-operated lab pumps for safely and easily dispensing smaller quantities of low-viscosity acids, alkalis and other chemicals. This easy-to-service pump features an ergonomic design and infinitely variable electronic regulation for accurate dispensing. Our battery lab pump has an excellent residue emptying capability for all containers with a filling opening of more than 25mm. The pump is delivered as a ready-to-use set that includes a media-resistant 1.5m PVC hose and a nozzle. An optional battery charging station with a 2m power cable is also available.

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