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A well-designed social room increases the relaxation and motivation of your employees. Whether it's a break room, changing room or staff lounge - with us you'll find the right equipment to furnish your social space functionally and comfortably. This includes furniture for social rooms such as changing benches and seating. But also wardrobes and clothes lockers for the safe storage of work clothes and personal belongings in the social room.

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Social room furnishing from DENIOS

What is a social room?

The category social room includes all rooms that can be used by visitors, customers and employees and are used, for example, for rest, personal hygiene or work preparation and follow-up. A characteristic feature is good and bright furnishings that make people who use the rooms feel comfortable.

Why do companies need a social room/rest room?

On the one hand, employers are required to provide social spaces such as changing rooms, rest rooms, washrooms and toilets. Clothes racks and lockers for storing personal belongings must also be provided. These regulations do not only apply to in-house areas, but must also be followed on construction sites, for instance.

On the other hand, social rooms are an important tool for increasing employee motivation. If the rooms are functionally and aesthetically well furnished, employees feel more comfortable and thus more motivated. In this context, it was also found that the best ideas and most efficient meetings are held outside the office, for example in rest rooms, when employees have a short break to relax.

What needs to be considered when furnishing social rooms?

When furnishing social rooms, the employer is obliged, as with all other rooms belonging to the company, to comply with current regulations and laws and to ensure that the room is safe. In addition, the furniture used should be both robust and easy to clean, as the rooms are used frequently by many people. Sometimes coffee etc. can spill out as well.

Furniture should also be functional and easy to move around to make room for large groups. Good hygiene is also very important in social rooms, especially washrooms and toilets. In addition to all these functional features, attention should of course also be paid to a good look of the room so that employees really feel comfortable. Beyond that, however, general recommendations are difficult because different social rooms and companies have different requirements.

What types of social room exist?

Locker rooms

These are used for preparation and follow-up work and are particularly used by industrial workers. They should contain, above all, changing benches, coat hooks and clothes lockers.

Break and recreation rooms

Where staff can gather and relax during their breaks. There should be comfortable seating, coat racks, kitchen supplies, a kitchenette and a clock.

Rest and stand-by rooms

Stand-by rooms are often used in hospitals, but rest rooms can also be important in other workplaces when employees feel unwell and want to rest a short while or wait for treatment by specialist staff. Besides a comfortable place to lie down, there should also be a first-aid cabinet.

Sanitary facilities

Showers and toilets for personal hygiene for all persons in the company. These must be set up separately for men and women.

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