Drum Heaters For Steel Drums - Barrel Heaters

Drum Heaters For Steel Drums

Drum heater systems for steel drums are specially designed for operation in different areas. Choose the right drum heater from a range of different models. Induction heaters and induction heater plates can be used to heat and warm liquids quickly. Induction heaters are also ideal for liquefying solids.

Induction heaters are suitable for steel drums up to 205 litres and are also certified for areas subject to explosion hazards (Zones 1 and 2) according to Atex. The induction heater is high performance but at the same time energy saving and has short heat-up times.

A combination of induction heaters and induction heater plates shortens heat-up times further. Type FH drum heaters are available in various models. These drum heaters can heat up or warm substances to prepare them for further processing.

The wide control range of the drum heaters allow you to precisely adjust the heat output for the relevant application.

Various heating systems are available for a variety of uses, such as floor heating, jacket heating or a combination of the two.

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Which heating systems can I choose from for heating drums and IBCs?

The DENIOS range includes a variety of heating systems, which can be used in many different applications.

This includes

  • Flexible heating jackets for small containers, drums, IBCs and gas bottles
  • Flexible heating jackets for drums and IBCs in explosion-proof areas
  • Induction heaters for areas



Induction heaters

Induction heaters and induction floor heating plates are used in particular for the rapid heating and heating of liquids. Induction heaters are also ideal for liquefying solids.

Induction heaters are suitable for steel drums up to 200 liters and are certified according to Atex for explosive areas of zones 1 and 2.


  • Energy efficient
  • Combination of induction heater and floor heating plate possible (shortens the heating time even more)
  • An optional GRP hood reduces heat loss on the drum top

Mobile heating system advantages


The mobile heating system on castors can be conveniently moved around a free-standing drum and closed at one side. A cover protects the heat from escaping.

The heating works by means of a jacket heating, of which the drum is completely enclosed or optionally a floor heating.

A combination of floor heating and jacket heating is also conceivable and recommendable.


  • Small and mobile
  • Temperature adjustable
  • Sheath and / or floor heating allows fast, flexible heating

Heating jackets advantages

Drum and IBC heating jackets, are flexible and are attached directly to the heated container. This allows a very efficient and space-saving heating of drums and IBC containers directly where they are installed in your company.


  • Lightweight, compact, cost-effective
  • Space saving
  • Quick and easy to install or uninstall
  • Comprehensive range: heating jackets for steel and bulk containers (from 25 liters) up to 1,000 liters IBC and gas bottles - also for hazardous areas.

After heating, insulating hoods as additional accessories prevent the cooling of the drum quickly. 


Which temperature ranges can be implemented?

The area that can be regulated depends on the specific product. Higher temperatures are possible if you opt for an induction heater. With this heater you can regulate temperatures up to about 120 degrees Celsius.

A mobile, closed heating system of the type FH is even warmer. These barrel heaters are available in three versions and are specifically designed for use at varying locations within the factory. The temperature control with this unit moves steplessly between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius.

For comparison, the control range of heating jackets for IBCs and drums ranges between 0 and 90 degrees Celsius. An included thermostat makes it easy to control.

The heaters for the potentially explosive area are controlled by an automatic certified temperature control up to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius.