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Access restriction products ensure that only authorised staff are allowed to enter sensitive areas and ensure the correct use of emergency exits.

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Access control systems from DENIOS Ireland


Access control solutions and door entry systems are designed to ensure that only authorised personnel may enter sensitive areas on a work site. They are also installed to prevent individuals from using escape routes and fire exits as normal doors.

From padlock hasps and door guard alarms to armoured bolts and emergen-cy exit door covers, DENIOS has everything required to protect com-mercial, industrial and residential premises from unauthorised access and to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency or accidental release.


There are various ways to control access to sensitive areas. DENIOS heavy-duty padlock hasps consist of a hinged plate that fits over a protruding sta-ple (a metal loop), through which a padlock can be threaded. When a hasp is installed on a door, the padlock prevents it from opening or being tampered with. DENIOS armoured bolts are heavy-duty metal pins that, when at-tached to a door, can be pushed through a series of metal loops to hold or lock two objects together. A DENIOS door guard is installed on an emergen-cy exit door so the handle triggers an alarm in the event that the door is opened. The alarm can then be reset on the door guard itself using a key. This avoids the need for a complex monitoring system. Another emergency exit door solution is a DENIOS handle cover, which automatically activates an alarm once removed. This eliminates the need for a more complex, inter-connected, building-wide system that has to be reset after use.


In accordance with fire and rescue service regulations, escape routes may not be locked, but should also not be available for use by employees during day-to-day operations. There are also some doors that need to be perma-nently protected against unauthorised access, but which can be opened with ease in case of emergency. Workplace legislation, too, contains provisions about ensuring unimpeded access for escape routes, making it a legal re-quirement to find the right access control solutions.

Door guards are an ideal way to safeguard emergency exits while providing access when required, as they allow doors to be opened in a single fluid movement – but will trigger an alarm when this happens. This prevents the need to install an overarching, building-wide surveillance system. What’s more, door guards can be installed on virtually any door and are recom-mended expressly by fire and rescue services and trade associations.

Depending on the model, a pre-alarm will sound when the door handle is pushed down without permission; this informs the individual using the door that the exit is not intended for general use. The alarm will then cease when the door handle is returned to its initial position. If, however, the handle is pushed all the way down, this will trigger a continuous alarm that can only be silenced when the correct key is inserted and the alarm is reset. The ben-efit here is that in emergency situations, the continuous alarm warns other employees in the building of the situation. If the door needs to be opened in a non-emergency situation, a key can be inserted into the door guard, which can then be moved out of the handle’s trajectory. If a door’s use is restrict-ed to certain personnel only and should remain closed during an emergency, it is recommended to install an electronic door lock (view the DENIOS range here). Retrofitting a door with pin holes that allow for the installation of a Euro cylinder lock is simple and does not require any holes to be drilled into the door.

Keep in mind that escape routes should be marked with signs and labels as prescribed by law. Door guards and door entry systems should also be fitted with additional warning signs, which are also stocked by DENIOS online.


Protect sensitive areas from access by unauthorised personnel and keep emergency exits primed for their true purpose with access control products from DENIOS. Browse the full range of door entry systems, door locks, pad-lock hasps and more to find the right solution for the situation – and say goodbye to workplace interruptions triggered by the negligent use of emer-gency exits.

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