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Chemical Safety Cabinets

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Storing hazardous substances can be easier than you think! Chemical safety cabinets enable the safe storage of hazardous materials in small containers near the workplace or directly in the laboratory. DENIOS offers chemical safety cabinets that meet the requirements for a wide range of hazardous materials. Are you unsure which type of cabinet you need for your media? Our DENIOS expert team would be happy to advise you!

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Choose the right cabinet solution for your needs!

Hazardous Material Storage in the Workplace

Special standards and regulations apply to the storage of flammable liquids and other hazardous substances in workrooms, in particular DIN EN 14470-1. DENIOS chemical safety cabinets meet these requirements and offer effective protection for both employees and the environment. All DENIOS chemical safety cabinets have one thing in common: long-term investment security for our customer thanks to the use of high-quality materials, proven concepts and tested quality. Each cabinet has tried and tested standard equipment. Bespoke configuration options are available with some DENIOS models, or can be bought as accessories from our shop. These include: additional shelves, spill trays, pull-out shelves, fully automatic folding doors, and door hold-open systems with automatic locking. Which cabinet is right for your needs?

  • Hazardous Materials Cabinets
  • Chemicals Cabinets
  • Vertical Cabinets
  • Acid and Alkali Cabinets
  • Combi and Multipurpose Storage Cabinets
  • Recirculating Air Filter Cabinets
  • Lithium-ion Cabinets

Chemical Safety Cabinets with Fire Protection

Chemical safety cabinets are always the right choice when it comes to the safe storage of flammable media. Paint cans, release agents, oils or cleaners must be quickly available, but must be stored under strict conditions. A fire-rated chemical safety cabinet is the best choice. Depending on the space available at the installation site, a customer generally chooses between a conventional cabinet which can be set up directly next to a workbench or worktable, an underbench cabinet or a hazardous materials box, which can be directly mounted on the wall. DENIOS offers the following cabinet types:

Manually operated wing doors or folding doors are common locking solutions for a chemical safety cabinet. Semi-automatic opening via "OneTouch" is available. Here, just one free hand is sufficient to open or close the cabinet. Models are also available with glass doors so that the contents can be clearly seen. The latest innovations in fire-rated hazardous materials cabinets: Cabinets with vertical pull-outs are real space-saving miracles and fit into any workplace. One of the most important decisions for most customers will be how much fire protection is needed. DENIOS specialist advisors can help you here. Whichever cabinet is chosen: all DENIOS fire-rated hazardous materials cabinets have been tested in accordance with the requirements of European Standard BS EN 14470 Part 1 or 2 by an independent materials testing institute and have all the necessary certifications and approvals. A range of colour options also means that DENIOS chemical safety cabinets also fit into their environment.

Which chemical safety cabinet is suitable for storing which media?

Different hazardous substances have different requirements for their storage location. HSG71 & HSG51 requires that all quantities of hazardous substances exceeding the daily requirement be stored at the end of the working day in a hazardous substance storage facility, such as a chemical safety container, hazardous materials cabinet or safety cabinet. Hazardous materials cabinets enable safe storage in the immediate vicinity or the work area.

For flammable liquids such as fuels, oils, paints or dyes, our space-saving DENIOS underbench cabinets, recirculating air filter cabinets with extraction, combi cabinets for various flammable liquids or drum cabinets for larger-scale storage are ideal, in accordance with BS EN 14470-1.

For non-flammable, aggressive hazardous substances such as certain acids and alkalis, special acid cabinets and alkali cabinets are used that have a corrosion-resistant design or chemicals cabinets for the safe storage of chemicals and toxic substances.

Other types of DENIOS chemical safety cabinets include the fire-rated gas cylinder cabinets for indoor and outdoor storage of pressurised gas cylinders, and the safety cabinets for storage of lithium-ion batteries with self-closing doors and high fire resistance.

DENIOS Service for Chemical Safety Cabinets

Service at DENIOS starts with helping you find the right safety cabinet. It continues with free on-site consultation and fast, on-time delivery. We install your chemical safety cabinet at the place of use and we offer you on-going maintenance. That's the difference you get with DENIOS: excellent service from start to finish.

DENIOS offers competent, individual advice for the purchase of a chemical safety cabinet.

Buying a chemical safety cabinet is an investment with many factors to consider.We help you find the perfection solution for your needs. Our comprehensive range of services gives you choice and quality.

With our comprehensive range of services, we help you find the perfect solution for your individual needs.

Online Buying Guide

Which model? What size? What specification? Which model, which equipment and what size? These are three important questions you need to answer to find the correct solution for your workplace. Our guide will help you make the right choice.

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On-site Consultation

The more we know about your individual requirements, the better we can answer your needs. Our free, on-site consultations are available. These are carried out with all the necessary COVID-19 protective measures.

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Your reliable partner for the future!

DENIOS maintenance service for chemical safety cabinets

Who better to maintain your chemical safety cabinet than the company which built it? Benefit from maintenance from the manufacturer. This guarantees the retained value of your product, the safety of your employees and protection of the environment.

Professional maintenance from the manufacturer

Our experienced service team can routinely carry out the prescribed safety inspection of your chemical safety cabinet in accordance with: the Health & Safety at work act section 2 – 1974, Dangerous Substance &Explosive atmosphere regulation-DSEAR 2002, Care of Substance Hazardous to Health, Regulations 2002 – COSHH, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 – PUWER.

We'll also replace the recirculating air equipment filter. Individual maintenance packages can be easily ordered via the online shop, or take out a service contract with us with attractive all-inclusive conditions.

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How often should a chemical safety cabinet be inspected?

Chemical safety cabinets are used in numerous areas - from laboratories to production. A wide variety of corrosive, toxic, explosive or flammable hazardous substances are stored in them. Chemical safety cabinets for the storage of flammable liquids should be comprehensively inspected at least once a year with regard to their function and reliability. In order for chemical safety cabinets to ensure safety, they must be regularly inspected according to the law. Numerous regulations must be observed, including:

The Health & Safety at work act section 2 – 1974. Dangerous Substance & Explosive atmosphere regulation-DSEAR 2002, Care of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 – COSHH The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 – PUWER

Only by proving that proper inspections have been carried out can liability limits and insurance cover be retained in the event of damage.

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