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Steel Spill Pallets

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DENIOS steel spill pallets are used for the safe storage of drums or IBCs. They are suitable for the storage of all containers containing water-polluting or flammable liquids. A wide range of containment volumes is offered from smaller quantities, such as 60 litres, to large quantities, such as over 1,700 litres. In addition, steel spill pallets can be equipped with galvanised grids. To enable the storage area to be moved, some spill pallets can be accessed underneath or are on wheels. All DENIOS steel spill pallets are TÜV tested, WHG compliant and have a 5 year warranty.

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Safely networked. Innovative, digital leakage management

Use the advantages of digitalisation for your leakage management 4.0: With the new, innovative SpillGuard® connect leakage detector, you can monitor your sumps centrally via a web application and be alerted in real time in the event of a leakage.

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Steel Spill Pallets from DENIOS

Find the right steel spill pallet for your company

Many companies need to store oils or paints safely and conveniently, for example. These substances are often needed in different places in the company. For these requirements, DENIOS has designed a range of spill pallets for drums and IBCs in galvanised and painted steel.

They ensure safety when it comes to storing flammable substances. At DENIOS you will find the right steel spill pallet for every desired storage volume: from 1 drum storage to twelve 205 litre drums. From one IBC to a spill pallet for eight IBCs.

Which is the right spill pallet for you?

Steel spill pallets from DENIOS are available in different versions - to meet your requirements! Decide on the right design for your protective steel spill pallet.

The foot design simplifies handling using a pallet truck or forklift, making internal transport easy. DENIOS also offers steel spill pallets with sturdy plastic feet in polypropylene (PP). The plastic feet protect the spill pallet from corrosion and the floor from damage. They are also accessible underneath.

Mobile spill pallets are an ideal option to use when transporting a small quantity of containers or small containers. With the help of a push handle and wheels, mobile steel spill pallets are ideal for transporting your hazardous materials from A to B. Matching accessories, such as straps and lifting aids, are available in our online shop.

Do you want a steel spill pallet that can be stored on a pallet or at ground level? In this case, steel floor pallets without forklift pockets, that are not accessible from underneath, are suitable.

Legally compliant storage with a steel spill pallet

Store drums, small containers and IBCs/ KTCs safely and in compliance with the law with a safety spill pallet from DENIOS. Suitable for water-polluting substances, flammable liquids and aggressive chemicals

  • TÜV-tested
  • DENIOS warranty
  • Complies with the requirements of the Environment Agency
  • Approval for flammable liquids (H224 to H226)
  • Approval for flammable liquids (H224 to H226) Approval for the storage of substances in all water-polluting classesGeneral technical approval (DIBt)

Denios Brands: our solutions for our customers

As a developer and manufacturer, we know that the requirements of our customers can be very varied. It's not just the type and quantity of hazardous substance to be stored which helps decide on a spill pallet. Price, performance and equipment options also play a major role. To guarantee you get the best solution for your storage needs, we have revised our spill pallet range from the ground up and now present our brand new manufacturer brands. In addition to better transparency for your decision-making process, these offer you customised ranges for a wide variety of customer needs - from start-ups to large corporations.

Denios Brand for basic equipment needs.

Meets all the requirements for industrial use, at an attractive price.

Denios Brand for cost-effective performance.

Extensive, economically priced range

Denios Brand for the highest demands.

Innovative manufacture, equipment and accessories, with EXTRA safety and service.

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