Electric Drum Pumps

Electric Drum Pumps 

When you’re working with aggressive materials, you need to be absolutely sure that the tools you’re using are up to the job. This is why the range of electric drum pumps that we stock at DENIOS UK is designed to help you find a perfect match for the viscosity of the substances you work with. Our products provide you with explosive protection and fortification against corrosion so that you can be confident about your work safety and environmental protection priorities.

Laboratory drum pumps are designed for safe and reliable daily use working with dilute acids and alkali in a laboratory environment where precision is of the essence. Acid drum pumps are designed for the safe handling of concentrated and corrosive acids and alkali. Flammable drum pumps comply with ATEX and IEC EX standards for use in hazardous areas. Oil drum pumps can cope with viscous fluids and are optimised for work with mineral oils, fuels and lubricants. Oil stations with pump simplify the use of oil drum pumps. Flow meters monitor the amount of liquid being transferred for precision control.

Elektrische Fasspumpen Erleichtern die Förderung von Flüssigkeiten aus Fässern und erlauben das richtige Dosieren.
Electric Drum Pumps

Laboratory Drum Pumps 

In the laboratory, you’re liable to need electric drum pumps in a variety of different sizes and types, and at DENIOS UK we have assembled an expert range. When choosing the right pump for your purposes, think about the plunge depth appropriate to the containers with which you will be working. Depending on your working practices, you may prefer a battery-operated pump or one that can be attached to the mains.

Although these electric drum pumps are suitable for use with both acids and alkalis, they should be cleaned thoroughly in between coming into contact with different substances.

Our NIRO electrical pumps are the best choice for working with more viscous liquids such as softeners, oils and degreasers.

Druckluftpumpen können an hauseigene Druckluftsysteme angeschlossen werden und benötigen keine zusätzliche Stromzufuhr.

Acid drum pumps

Electric drum pumps and compressed air pumps, which are designed to be used safely even with concentrated acids and alkalis, give you optimum control over the substances with which you work. The pumps in this range are designed for use with low-viscosity elements, enabling you to fill and decant from containers smoothly and efficiently.

When selecting a barrel pump like this, it’s important to ensure that it has a sufficient diving depth. The pumps in the DENIOS UK range are available with or without fixtures, for ease of compatibility with your existing equipment.

Compressed air membrane pumps are lightweight and easy to handle. They require no maintenance and can be used not just with liquids but also with materials containing small solid particles.

Flammable electric drum pumps

When you’re dealing with solvents, alcohol or fuel, you need to take maximum safety precautions. The DENIOS UK range of explosion-proof drum pumps are suitable for use with liquids of various viscosity and also for materials that contain small solid particles.

Electric barrel pumps manufactured from NIRO/PTFE can be used safely in areas where there is an explosion hazard. We stock compressed air membrane pumps with a variety of different diving depths, and they’re available with or without fixtures.

Electric oil drum pumps

Designed for motor and gear oils, mineral oils and diesel, these electric barrel pumps are designed to cope with liquids of differing viscosities. Some are intended for industrial use, while others are food grade and can be used in catering.

When choosing an oil drum pump, make sure that it has a suitable nozzle and an adequate flow rate for your purposes. Some have built-in flow counters to help you extract precise amounts of the oils with which you’re working.

Oil stations with pump

Investing in an oil station with a drum pump attached makes it much easier to keep your workplace organised, creating a distinct area for oil transfer where you can put up safety signs to ensure that your workers take the proper precautions. These stations are available in various capacities and have spill palettes that help to keep the rest of your workplace clean.

The oil stations that we sell at DENIOS UK come with electric drum pumps attached, so all you need to do is fit the drums in place. Flexible hoses mean that they’re suitable for smaller drums as well as standard-sized ones.

Flow meters

The flow meters that we stock at DENIOS UK can be calibrated for use with fluids of any viscosity, giving you optimum flexibility and control. Flow meters based on wobble plates can handle liquids of varying thicknesses, while flow meters based on turbines are designed for thinner liquids. Choose a stainless steel flow meter if you are working in a clean environment. 

Explosion-proof flow meters are available for use with highly volatile or flammable substances.