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Eye Wash Bottles and Refills

Eye wash bottles

Protecting eyes and the body is especially important when handling hazardous materials. Should an accident occur despite all other safety precautions, eye/face wash stations and emergency combination showers are a necessity.

Additional remedial measures also need to be initiated immediately to keep possible damage to a minimum.

All DENIOS eyewash and deluge shower equipment comply with the latest EN 15154 regulation.​DENIOS offer a range of eye wash bottles.

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What types of eyewash bottles are there?


Various flushing fluids are used for different dangers. Choose between an eyewash bottle with, for example, a sterile sodium chloride (saline) solution for universal use such as eye contamination or with a pH-neutral phosphate buffer solution for the rapid neutralization of acids and alkalis.

At DENIOS, you get single bottles of different sizes (from 200 ml to 1000 ml) - for mobile use or as a fixed eye emergency station with wall mounting or in a dust-protected protective box for wall mounting at directly endangered workplaces.

Ready for immediate use

Eye wash bottles are immediately ready for use and easy to use with just a few hand movements. Depending on the design, they can be used for flushing one or both eyes.

An eye-wash bottle with a capacity of 500 ml, for example, is sufficient for an approx. 4-minute rinse.

In order to ensure a longer rinsing time, additional eye rinsing bottles should be available or a nearby eye shower connected to the water network should be used.