Drum Taps, Funnels and Dispensing Containers

Dispensing taps: empty in a controlled manner

Feuerfeste Transportbehälter aus der FALCON Produktlinie stellen einen sicheren Transport kleiner Mengen sicher.

A common problem with larger containers is their emptying, or more precisely: the complete emptying. It is also a medium-sized challenge to liberate a plastic balloon completely from its contents, even by leaning heavily.

Liquid residues can also quickly become a risk, especially in the case of water-polluting or flammable media. Dispensing taps are ideal dispensing tools for emptying and filling containers.

The tap prevents uncontrolled leakage of liquids. In addition, a tap allows a finely metered tapping of liquids from plastic cans or drums. Properly installed and used, a tap also supports the controlled emptying of the container.

Filling safely with funnels

Safe filling and transfer is best done with a suitable funnel by hand. Depending on the application, different sizes are available from stock.

Filling funnels for smaller containers or drums are optimally dimensioned for the respective container in terms of shape and material. Stainless steel or plastic are the most common materials for funnels. Depending on the model, feed hoppers are provided with an additional sieve insert, which filters residues from the liquid.

Special funnels are available in round or honeycomb design. They allow easy filling of 200-litre drums. In addition, they have a profiled surface, which can be used as a shelf.

Der Zapfhahn wird direkt am Spundloch des Stahlfasses eingeschraubt und ermöglicht genaues Abfüllen.

Small containers: transport effectively

Abfüllkannen wie die Lubriflex aus der FALCON Reihe sind in Größen bis zu 10 Liter verfügbar.

For the small quantities that have to be covered between container and place of use, filling containers, measuring cups and lubricators are in use. With measuring cups a precise dosing is possible, oilers facilitate the work thanks to ergonomic design and powerful, double-acting pump.

Do you often deal with flammable liquids? Then we recommend the FALCON range from DENIOS.

More Information

Drum Funnels, Taps & Dispensing Containers

At DENIOS UK, we stock a range of drum handling equipment designed to suit all your workplace needs. Drum funnels make it easy to transfer the substances that you work with safely from one container to another, drum taps enable controlled amounts of a drum’s contents to be released, while dispensing containers allow easy decanting to minimise spill hazards.

Drum funnels

Drum funnels make it possible to fill up plastic or steel drums safely with minimum risk of spillage. They are available in several different shapes, so you can choose one that fits comfortably with the dispensing containers from which you’re pouring. Wider spouts provide faster flow and longer spouts reduce the impact of dry materials entering a drum. We also stock funnels with flexible spouts, which are easier to position, and some contain internal sieves so that you can filter as you pour.

When choosing a funnel, make sure that it’s suitable for the material that you’re using it with. Food grade funnels are available. It’s important to ensure that the funnel won’t leach chemicals into that material or be corroded by it, which is why all our plastic funnels are made from high-grade materials.

Choosing a funnel with a lid means that it’s easy to close off to protect the contents of a drum from pollution, without having to be withdrawn completely and reinserted each time you want to add more. Lockable funnel lids are also an option, for extra security.

We have funnels available in a variety of colours, so you can colour code them if several different tasks are being carried out in the same area, reducing the risk of accidental contamination due to worker error.

Drum taps

Essential for providing controlled access to the contents of storage drums, drum taps come in many different shapes and sizes. At DENIOS UK, we stock a broad range, so you can find exactly what you need to suit your workplace requirements. Choose from drum taps and drainage taps in brass, steel, aluminium, die-cast zinc, grey cast iron, plastic or polyethylene. Make sure that the material you choose won’t pollute or be corroded by the contents of the drum.

These taps are suitable for use on drums, barrels, casks and 1,000 litre IBCs. To choose the right one for your purposes, you’ll need to match it to the valve opening, selecting a tap of the right dimensions so that the threads will match up. A well-fitted drum tap makes it possible to empty a measured amount of the drum’s contents quickly and easily without compromising work safety concerns.

If you are concerned about maximising speed of use without creating potential hazards, you may find that a self-closing drum tap is the best option. These are available in several different materials, including ones suitable for use with corrosive substances.

Drum taps enable easy access to the contents of drums without the need to tilt the drums themselves or scoop out their contents, thereby eliminating several different safety risks. They reduce the strain on workers but ensure that you can access what you need at speed.

If you are dealing with substances that harden, become sticky, or clog up small spaces, you should remove your drum taps from time to time when drums are empty and clean the threads on both the taps and the drums themselves before replacing them. If properly cared for, these drum taps have a long life expectancy.

Dispensing containers

At DENIOS, we stock dispensing containers and measuring jugs made from polyethylene, polypropylene, tin plate, stainless steel, galvanised steel, powder-coated steel or die-cast zinc. Some are designed for use with drum funnels, while others can dispense materials into drums, casks or barrels directly. Used properly, they will help you meet work safety standards while carrying out day-to-day tasks with ease, avoiding spills and thereby avoiding environmental protection hazards.

Decanting containers, jerry cans and spray bottles are among the items included in the DENIOS UK range. You’ll need to choose one made from a material that’s safe for use with what you will be dispensing. Some incorporate measuring scales to make it easy to decant precise amounts, and others are designed for more general purposes. Bear in mind that where a container is designed to be tipped, it’s easier to maintain control when using a lighter item, i.e. one with a lower capacity. Higher-capacity containers enable work to be carried out more quickly where precision is less of a concern.

To keep your dispensing containers in good condition, simply run the appropriate cleaning fluid through them and allow time to dry. When not in use, they should be stored in a dry place.