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Drum Accessories and Safety Accessories

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Drum and safety accessories significantly increase safety and comfort in handling drums. Earthing systems, barrel openers or level indicators provide important information about the condition of the container.

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Accessories for Drums & IBCs

DENIOS realises the importance of maintaining a safe and secure workplace, especially if you handle hazardous liquids and chemicals. This is why we offer you a range of drum safety accessories that help keep your employees safe and protect your organisation from liabilities. These drum accessories work as aids for your employees while keeping their safety at top priority.

Range of options

When handling drums, it is important to take the best safety measures possible. DENIOS drum accessories allow you to handle drums containing chemicals and hazardous liquids with ease while keeping your work area secure.

We offer you a wide range of drum safety accessories, including:

• Earthing cables and equipment

• Drum openers

• Drum wrenches

• Drum keys

• Drum covers

• Level indicators

• Thread adaptors

• Hose and cable reels

Earthing cables and equipment

When handling hazardous and inflammable liquids and chemicals, it is important to take measures to prevent the build-up of static electricity and sparking, which can lead to liquids exploding or catching fire.

In accordance with EN 60079-14 and EN 61241-14, it is mandatory that all work equipment and machines used in areas at risk of explosion must have an ATEX certification. To help you comply with this legal requirement, we offer you a range of earthing cables, discharge cables and earthing equipment. The Earthing Cable With Monitoring Function comes with an LED screen that allows you to monitor readings with care and precision.

Drum openers, drum wrenches and drum keys

DENIOS has drum openers that open drums once you position them in their designated area on your work floor. These products ensure that you can open drums and use the internal liquid for your processes in quick time.

We also have drum wrenches made from bronze and steel that you can use on any type of common drum to ensure safe opening. These manual wrenches offer maximum leverage to make drum-opening quick and hassle-free.

DENIOS has ring spanners made from plastic that let you open screw tops of canisters with relative ease. Drum keys such as the Wheel Drum Key are ideal for common drum closures and ensure their effortless opening. These keys work on the principle of wheel spider, therefore, they function in an easy and quick manner.

Drum covers

In many industrial and manufacturing processes, you will need to access a drum’s contents often. It can be cumbersome and time-consuming to keep opening a drum to get to the liquid or chemical inside. Fortunately, DENIOS offers practical and functional drum covers that allow you to access the liquid or chemical housed inside drums with ease.

These covers feature a metal or polyethylene composition. If the chemical is corrosive, then opt for a polyethylene drum cover. Otherwise, a metal drum cover is the right choice. These covers come with a snap ring closure that is convenient to use and ensures that the chemical in the drum is safe from spills and leaks.

Level indicators

DENIOS has a wide selection of level indicators, including the Filling Level Indicator Model FH. Our overflow indicators prevent you from accidentally overfilling drums. We also have fill level indicators that you can position horizontally. This allows you to quickly drain a drum while checking the fill level. Made with resilient chrome, these indicators are long-lasting and durable.

We also have electronic fuel level sticks that allow you to measure fuel with the click of a button. If your business uses inflammable liquids, then it is important to maintain pressure while draining and dispensing. To help you in this regard, we have a drum safety accessory that lets you maintain optimal pressure.

Thread adaptors

DENIOS is a proponent of the safe handling of drums. Our drum safety accessories ensure that this happens at all sites where you use hazardous chemicals and liquids. We have a range of thread adaptors and filling aids that make the handling of chemicals and hazardous liquids safe for workers.

Our screw adaptors are ideal for all drums, drum taps, canisters and pumps with threads, while our dispensing blocks and drum rests ensure that carboys and drums get completely empty before you must replenish or change liquids.

Hose and cable reels

Your employees will be using hoses to empty or fill drums, and if these hoses lie around, then they can turn into tripping hazards that cause grievous injuries to your workers. Our hose and cable reels ensure rapid and kink-free rewinding of pipes and hoses so that you can maintain a safe and secure work area.

We have hose and cable reels of varying lengths to suit different requirements. These reels are long-lasting and easy to operate.

Get in touch with DENIOS today to find out more about our drum safety accessories. Our drum accessories come with a four-year warranty, a 30-day return policy and free delivery.

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