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Welding Fume Extraction Systems

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The suction tables for adhesive work take over the basic concept of the tables for welding / soldering work. The type of suction and air guidance is adapted to the special requirements for adhesive work. The extraction of the pollutants generated during the bonding work takes place upwards through suction slots between the baffle plates in different planes.

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Welding Fume Extraction Systems

Why do I need a welding fume extraction system?

Thanks to welding technology, metals can be processed easily and efficiently in industry. At the same time, welding also involves some dangers. In addition to hazards such as flying sparks and UV radiation, welding fumes are formed that can be very hazardous to employees' health. To prevent damage to health, a welding fume extraction system should be installed that safely filters welding fumes out of the air.

Alternatively, a welding suit with fresh air supply can be used to protect the welder. However, this does not prevent the welding fumes from spreading and possibly causing harm to other employees. In addition, without welding fume extraction, there is a risk of an explosive atmosphere forming.

Welding fume extraction systems are available in mobile and stationary versions. Wall-mounted arms can be attached to the wall to save space and are ideal for frequent changes of position in a limited work area. Mobile extraction systems are used when the welding location is changed frequently.

All welding extraction systems are equipped with an extraction arm that is aligned to the welding point. This enables spot welding extraction and prevents the fumes from spreading already at the source. You will also find extraction systems for Ex zones in our range.

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