Grit Bins

Grit bins

DENIOS range of grit bins and sand boxes are essential to ensure the areas around your business remain snow and ice free.

Our grit bins and sand boxes have many functional details. They are weatherproof, manufactured from environmentally friendly polyethylene and available in light grey with a choice of 3 colors for your lid. The lid is lightweight and can be dismantled without tools, and all of our grit boxes are key lockable for security.


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Grit Bins 

Grit bins are designed to sit in one place, providing waterproof storage for grit or salt when it’s not needed. They are easy to access, and the sizeable lid makes it easy to spread generous amounts of grit at a time.

DENIOS UK grit boxes come in capacities to suit your needs, including 50 litres, 200 litres, 550 litres and 1,000 litres. The lid can be removed without the need for tools and is light in weight. Our grit bins are also lockable. Our stackable grit containers can store salt or sand securely and are completely maintenance free. Of a compact design, they are an excellent choice for businesses with reduced areas to grit, and the angled lid means that any ice or snow coverage will be minimal. When you are dealing with smaller spaces, these inter-stackable salt bins are an excellent choice because they can be collected and put away during warmer periods when there is no need to store grit.

Where to place one

When you purchase a new grit bin for your facility, it’s important to think about the best place to position it. Whether you’ll be leaving it inside or outside, here are a few factors to consider. Grit Bins need to be regularly restocked during periods of severe winter weather, so it’s important that the positioning of the bin does not create a potential security issue and that your team will have easy access to it. Many businesses situate a bin close to areas of regular pedestrian or vehicular movement, beside entrances, or on slopes. Once you’ve settled on a spot, review it regularly to make sure that nothing in the surrounding environment has changed.


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