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Anti-Slip Tapes

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Floor coverings in industrial plants and factories are designed for a particularly long shelf life and easy maintenance. Often tiles or metal surfaces are used but even when dry, these floors can be slippery and should be equipped with special anti-slip coverings.

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Anti-slip Tapes

Operational Safety - Anti-Slip Mat Linings

With a full line of floor marking tools and other work safety equipment, DENIOS IE offers an excellent selection of anti-slip mat linings.

Floor coverings in manufacturing or research areas are designed to last for a particularly long time and also for easy cleaning. Unfortunately, just because floor surfaces are easy-to-clean and resistant to wear does not automatically mean they are safe. Many laboratory or industrial floor coverings are made of metal, tiles, PVC or other plastics. Even when they are dry, there is frequently a risk of slipping on such surfaces.

DENIOS IE offers a broad range of non-slip coverings for bonding and painting. Your specific industrial operations will determine which type of application is most appropriate. Self-adhesive anti-slip strips are the most common, as you can cut them to size and quickly and easily apply them to the appropriate surface. Stair steps or uneven surfaces are typical places to apply these anti-slip strips.

For large surfaces, such as in front of shelves or in certain zones, there are instances where paintable, anti-slip coverings are particularly suitable. Much like commercial exterior paints, you can apply anti-slip marking paint with a roller, let it harden and then allow access to the painted areas.

A clear advantage of both products is that they are available in striking colours, including black, yellow and white.

Anti-slip strips

DENIOS IE supplies a range of anti-slip strips. They are available in rolls of various lengths, allowing you to cut the strips to the appropriate size to meet your needs. They are available in black, yellow and white, and several extra-strong versions are available. They are resistant to water, oil, cleaning agents and solvents. DENIOS IE also offers several versions of extra-wide anti-slip strips for creating slip-resistant walkways in industrial and research work areas.

Anti-slip marking paint

DENIOS IE offers supplies a wide selection of anti-slip marking paint. Our paint is available in yellow, white, blue, silver grey and stone grey. This single-component, silicone-free paint is suitable for indoor use. Our anti-slip marking paint is durable and resilient, and it contains quartz granules to give surfaces an anti-slip grip. The paint provides high coverage and dries quickly, and it is highly resistant to oil, solvents and cleaning agents. Our anti-slip marking paint adheres to concrete, asphalt and screed-treated surfaces, and it is also suitable for application to forklifts.

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