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Floor Repair Equipment

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The floor of an industrial plant, factory or workshop undergoes stress daily. Forklifts, pallet trucks, trolleys and, of course, people are on the roads every day. Timely maintenance is very important for continuous use.

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Floor Repair Equipments

Wear and tear from continued use

Typically, pure concrete floors or screed concrete surfaces are found in manufacturing companies. In addition to the volume of traffic, other factors also burden the surfaces of industrial floors and cause wear. The joints are also badly affected. Leaking chemicals or other substances, moisture or simply aging build up the surfaces and cause permanent damage.

Another important factor is the continued use: the longer damaged industrial floors continue to be subjected to the same frequency, the more pronounced and far-reaching are the repair measures that result. Of course, due to the high frequency of traffic areas, it is rarely desired that protracted construction measures constitute a hindrance. Fast and uncomplicated soil repair measures are therefore welcome. If this can then be implemented by your own staff, so much the better.

Floor Damage, Holes, Cracks and Bumps

Holes, cracks and bumps are the most common applications for floor repair products. Ideally, the products will remedy a variety of background materials or composites. For this purpose, 2-component mixtures are particularly suitable. These result in a repair mixture which is applied with a roller and is therefore particularly user-friendly. This mixture is applicable to concrete, cast (asphalt) and screed. The mixture is freely modelable and hardens quickly. After just a few minutes, the treated soil can be used again. The repaired floor area is then wear-resistant and durable. The same applies to special joint repair products. These are also permanently elastic and avoid further stress cracks.

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