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Hazardous Material Storage Containers

Whenever hazardous substances need to be stored in larger containers, usually in 205 litre drums or IBCs, hazardous materials depots are often not big enough. Hazardous materials stores are then used for safe, legally compliant storage. Hazardous materials stores offer plenty of space for the safe and versatile storage of water-polluting and flammable substances in various container sizes. Depending on the requirements, walk-in stores, compact stores or storage containers with shelving can be configured according to your needs. In addition to a functional and internationally proven standard programme, custom solutions can also be created at any time.

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Important Additions to your Hazardous Materials Storage


Take advantage of the DENIOS product diversity for the furnishing of your hazardous materials warehouse. Benefit from the turnkey delivery of your technical room system including your selected equipment. We can also take care of the electrical equipment, the fire alarm system and the condition monitoring system. Discover many innovations for modern hazardous materials storage in our equipment range.


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DENIOS Whitepapers. Knowledge from 35 years of experience.

All important information about hazardous materials storage.

The storage of hazardous substances is subject to strict regulations and laws for reasons of occupational safety and to protect the environment. We regularly provide you new and important information on the topic of hazardous materials storage as a download to give you valuable tips for your task.

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What are the advantages of a storage unit?

The storage system enables decentralised storage and shortens the distance between the workplace and the storage location. It not only allows you to safely store your canisters, drums and 1000 litre tanks, but also provides a work surface for convenient dispensing or pumping of your liquids.

DENIOS offers two different types of storage system that have already proven themselves in everyday use. Both models are suitable for the storage of hazardous and flammable substances. They protect people and the environment from the effects of hazardous substances. At the same time, the hazardous materials are also protected from the weather.

Storage system Model MC-Vario is :

  • technically developed to meet your individual needs,

  • legally compliant and therefore offers absolute legal security,

  • guarantees you excellent value for money.


The multi-level storage container can store large quantities of hazardous substances in drums or tanks with a capacity of 1000 litres.

The storage container is available with 1 to 3 storage levels with a length of 3 to 12 metres. Choose between models with hinged doors or sliding doors depending on your individual needs.

The storage container with integrated shelving is a system that can be adapted to suit all needs. It offers a wide range of equipment options for the storage of hazardous substances.

Especially for the storage of pallets, drums or tanks, DENIOS adjustable shelving is the optimal solution which adapts perfectly to the size of your containers.


  • are a cost-effective alternative for expanding indoor or outdoor storage areas,

  • offer protection against theft and unauthorised access,

  • meet the legal requirements for safety and environmental protection.



Do you need to store environmentally-harmful products, but without additional conditions? The panelled version of the storage system or container is ideal for your needs.

For the storage of flammable liquids, it is advisable to use a fireproof storage container or system and to ensure good ventilation by opting for an integrated ventilation system. Temperature-sensitive products are optimally protected in models with thermal insulation, with or without an air conditioning system.

Fire -rated containers and systems are REI 120-certified, i.e. fire-resistant for 120 minutes, watertight and insulated.


Compact storage boxes are designed for the storage of hazardous substances in drums or tanks, close to production areas. They can be used in a variety of ways and offer effective protection in a compact space, like a safety box. Suitable models are available for different material properties. Always equipped with a spill pallet, boxes made of steel or plastic are the optimal solution for storing small quantities of environmentally hazardous liquids indoors or outdoors while restricting access with a key lock.

With its thermal insulation, the SolidMaxx safety box is also suitable for storing temperature-sensitive substances


If one of the products in our range does not meet your requirements, we will be happy to develop a suitable solution for you.

Each storage container and storage system can be equipped with lighting, ventilation, shelving and a fire extinguishing system. In addition, thermal insulation and/or heating ensure frost-free storage. Depending on your needs, choose a model with or without doors, with wing doors or with sliding doors.

Our field representatives will come to your site to analyse your situation and needs. Get in touch to book your appointment.

Why should you choose an EN 1090 certified system or storage container?

Only a supplier certified by an approved body to EN 1090 can supply you with a storage container or system with validated long-term strength and stability as required by legislation.


In some countries, operators must ensure that their storage facilities comply with the earthquake-resistant building regulations for buildings in the so-called "normal risk class". Storage containers and storage systems belong to this building class. The resistance of buildings certified according to EN 1090 is validated not only for earthquakes but also for wind and snow.


Until 2009, there was no harmonised European standard setting out specific requirements for CE marking of steel and aluminium construction products. CE marking was therefore not mandatory for these products at that time. This changed with the publication of the EN 1090 standard, which contains technical requirements for the execution of steel and aluminium structures.

The solution: The DENIOS storage container and depots

Trust a team of experts to build your system or storage container.

When you choose a storage container or system from DENIOS, you can be sure of a safe and validated solution

Your advantages :

  • Tested statics and stability
  • Approved weld seams and screw connections
  • Optimum protection against corrosion

When buying, make sure to choose a certified product. Manufacturers without CE marking and EN 1090 validation are no longer allowed to sell their product on the European internal market.

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