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POWER SAFE Li-ion battery storage system with fire protection

Battery storage systems with lithium-ion technology make an important contribution to the energy transition. However, the technology also requires a conscious approach to the risk of overloading ("thermal runaway"). This has been demonstrated by a number of battery fires in the large-scale storage sector. Safety concerns in the authorisation process can slow down the rapid expansion of energy storage systems. This is why a safety and fire protection concept is an essential part of the solution. The complete solution consisting of storage and fire protection in a modular design is a world first and is now available from DENIOS in various sizes under the series name POWER SAFE - from small solutions (80 kWh) to large energy stations (more than 1 MWh).

POWER SAFE battery storage in various room and capacity sizes

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Your proof of safety in the approval process

POWER SAFE battery storage systems protect people, the environment and property from fire hazards and secure the energy supply.

With its excellent quality, long service life and expandability, the POWER SAFE Li-ion battery storage system fulfils the highest demands in trade and industry. It also provides proof of safety for the authorisation authorities: The POWER SAFE offers a safety cover in the form of a double frame construction, which is classified with REI 90 fire protection. It can therefore withstand a fire from the inside or outside for 90 minutes and can be installed without a minimum distance from buildings. The fire-protected room systems of the POWER SAFE battery storage systems have European Technical Approval (ETA) and the associated CE marking. They therefore offer increased planning and legal certainty for country-specific authorisation procedures.

We recommend round-the-clock monitoring of the battery storage system and supply the solution at the same time. Numerous sensors inside help to keep an eye on the most important parameters at all times: Are the room temperature and humidity OK? What is the charge status of the battery storage unit? Customers can keep a close eye on the status of the POWER SAFE around the clock and from any location. And if certain values are outside the standard range, the system sounds an alarm and informs them - by e-mail or text message directly to their mobile phone. Classified fire protection in conjunction with permanent monitoring gives the operator sufficient time to take emergency measures.

Future-proof energy storage

Top quality, service and expandability ensure a long service life.

Classified fire protection

Room envelope can withstand a fire from the inside or outside for at least 90 minutes.

Accelerated authorisation process

Provides the proof of safety often required by the authorities.

Installation without safety distances

Can be installed in the immediate area of the building.

Real-time alerting (add-on)

Enables immediate initiation of emergency measures.

Store electricity economically with the right strategy

Time of use

Cost savings through tariff-dependent use of the storage system

For electricity customers with variable prices, consumption in the low tariff makes economic sense, but is not always possible. With our storage systems, consumption in the high tariff can be significantly reduced. This saves a lot of money - and incidentally, the utilisation of the public electricity grid becomes more even and remains stable.

For whom?
Companies with variable prices of grid suppliers, public sector, providers of grid services.

Peak load capping

Cost savings through lower service prices

Consumers with load profile metering pay primarily for the power called up. The moments of highest power consumption, i.e. the load peaks, are cost-relevant. Battery storage systems can release stored electricity during peak loads and reduce the power drawn from the grid. This reduces the connected load and can save thousands of euros per year.

For whom?
Companies with high electricity demand and load profile measurement. E.g. fast-charging stations, agriculture, workshops, manufacturing industry.

Self-consumption optimisation

Increasing the proportion of self-consumption

If the solar yield is greater than the current electricity consumption, the surplus is loaded into the battery storage system. If the solar yield can no longer cover the electricity demand, the storage system steps in and supplies the required electricity. If it is empty, the electricity is drawn from the grid again. The proportion of self-consumption can thus be increased to 80 % and more.

For whom?
Companies with a photovoltaic system or a suitable roof. E.g. haulage companies, agriculture, workshops, factories.


Combination of different operational management strategies

Multi-Use makes it possible to combine operational management strategies: e.g. self-consumption optimisation, peak load capping (physical or RLM) and time of use (ToU). A storage area can be defined for the selected applications according to your own requirements. For maximum service life and maximum efficiency.

Take advantage of our expert advice!

Customised advice, service and product diversity are our strengths.

Our customer advisors are on site for you!

Free expert advice +44 1952 811 991

Further information to download


Detect and handle defective lithium batteries

Systematically check your battery for signs of a defect.

Selection Guide


The most important criteria when choosing a transport or storage box for lithium batteries.

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