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Chemical Absorbents

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Chemical absorbents from DENSORB® are suitable for absorbing acids, alkalis or other aggressive or unknown chemicals. The binders do not decompose on absorption and do not cause a dangerous reaction on contact. The yellow warning colour of the binders indicates a potential hazard and makes absorbed liquid easily visible.

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Chemical Absorbent Expertise

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Safety in 2022: New at DENIOS!

Start the year 2022 safely - with numerous new solutions and services from the DENIOS world! Here are the highlights. Take a look at our new products, browse through the DENIOS main catalogue 2022 and discover new trade publications in the DENIOS Download Centre.

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Mobile absorbent emergency kits: Tackle hazardous substance leaks quickly wherever they occur.

DENSORB® offers speed and flexibility when responding to emergency spills. These emergency response kits are designed to quickly and safely mop up and contain spills. They can be taken directly to the spill site and used at individual workstations, around machinery or service vehicles.

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The 7 biggest mistakes when emptying spill pallets

It is not uncommon for liquids to leak and this can happen at any time. But what then? How does the liquid get out of the tray? This is not as trivial as it sounds: when emptying drip pans, serious mistakes can happen. Here you can find out what you should never do under any circumstances - and how to do it correctly.

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Responding correctly in an emergency - Our Academy instructor shows how to

Tobias Authmann has a degree in biology and has been working for the DENIOS Academy for many years as a specialist for hazardous substance storage and occupational safety. In his practical training course "Leakage Emergency Training", he imparts the necessary know-how for avoiding and combating hazardous substance leaks. We talked to him about his experiences.

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Equipped for all eventualities with DENSORB® Chemical absorbents

Granules or absorbent mats?

Absorbent mats are usually more suitable than granules for applications in industrial environments. They are made of polypropylene and can absorb and bind many times their own weight in liquid. Therefore, the disposal costs after the absorption of a pollutant are also much lower than for granules. Both weight and the volume to be disposed of are significantly smaller. Absorbent mats are efficient and easy to handle. Our DENSORB® range includes absorbent mats which are ideal for chemicals. Besides efficiency, cost-effectiveness is a significant factor. That is why we offer DENSORB® in packs perfectly adapted to the task: on rolls, as mats, socks or cushions.

What are the advantages of absorbent mats?

Immediate absorption of small and large leaks not only reduces the risk of slips in the workshop, but also prevents ugly stains from spreading into office spaces. Practical: the absorbent materials do not take in any water - so you really only have to pay for the disposal of the actual hazardous material. Depending on the material used, its use also varies. DENSORB® absorbent mats can, for example, be laid permanently on surfaces. When maintenance work is due, work surfaces can also be lined with DENSORB® absorbent materials as a precaution. If chemicals have already leaked, DENSORB® socks can be used to contain the fluid while absorbing the leaked material with more mats or cushions. When the material is completely absorbed, disposal of the absorbent mats depending on the substance taken up.

When it comes to the use of chemical absorbents, it is also best to learn directly from the professionals: the DENIOS Academy regularly offers emergency leak training. The use of chemical absorbents is also covered in practical sessions.

Why are chemical absorbents practical aids?

The same applies to use in the factory hall. Here, too, a mishap can happen quickly: liquids can leak out during machine maintenance or in the laboratory, or a pipe can leak.

Chemical absorbents are part of good hazard prevention in the workplace

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