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Steel Spillage Decking

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Steel spillage decking is made up of spill pallets and ramps. These can be combined in various ways depending on the space available.They are approved for the storage of water-polluting substances of all classes and flammable liquids.You can choose from a range of heights, widths, depths and wheel loads as well as containment volumes ranging from 20 to 225 litres.

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Steel Spillage Decking from DENIOS

Spillage decking for large area protection

Steel spillage decking elements are specially manufactured floor elements for the protection of larger areas and are especially approved for the storage of flammable liquids (H224-226) and substances in all water hazard classes. For protection during filling or dispensing operations, spillage decking systems offer ideal surface protection for leaking liquids.

When is spillage decking with a grid useful?

If a standard spill pallet does not provide enough storage space, hazardous substances can be conveniently stored on our spillage decking. Our Classic-line range includes a variety of sizes for spillage decking.These have the same properties and approvals, but are flatter and easy to load with a drum trolley thanks to special floor ramps.

Spillage decking facilitates drum handling when heavy machines cannot be used for drum transport. Floor elements with high wheel loads can also be driven over by forklift trucks. Liquids can also be filled and dispensed on the floor elements without having to take additional precautions. The spillage decking allows for safe and reliable collection of spillages. Like all spill pallets, spillage decking must also be regularly maintained and checked for leaks.

For which media are steel spillage decking suitable?

The steel spillage decking are suitable for flammable and water-polluting substances. These include:

  • Acetone
  • Petrol
  • Brake fluid
  • Diesel
  • Mineral oil products
  • Ethanol
  • Glycerine
  • Heating oil
  • Paraffin
  • Methanol

You can find a more detailed resistance list for all types of spill trays in our guide "4 steps to finding the right spill pallets".

What must be observed when storing water-polluting substances?

Strict safety regulations apply during storage for water-polluting substances and flammable liquids (H224-226). In particular, sufficient environmental protection must be ensured during dispensing, handling and transport. The Water resources law (WHG) requires that all requirements for the storage of hazardous substances be met.

A spill pallet must be capable of holding the entire contents of the largest container stored or at least 25% of the total quantity stored.

All steel spillage decking from DENIOS meets the high requirements of the applicable legislation. Make sure your operating rooms meet the legal requirements for hazardous substance storage using our spillage decking. For storing aggressive chemicals we recommend our plastic spillage decking.

What are the advantages of our steel spillage decking?

  • Protection of large areas
  • With access ramp
  • Safe and long lasting
  • Combinable
  • Safety during filling and transferring
  • Legally compliant storage
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