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Mobile Fuel Tanks

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Mobile fuel tanks from DENIOS Ireland are often used in the loading area or in a mechanic's fleet. They can be moved quickly by forklift or crane and offer a large capacity of 55 to 1,000 litres. This means that the vehicles can be refuelled directly on the construction site. Plastic or steel models are available that allow refuelling with petrol, diesel or AdBlue solution.

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Mobile fuel tank type Caddy, ATEX
12 variants available
from €633.00 Excl. VAT
Mobile diesel filling station in steel
6 variants available
from €3,219.00 Excl. VAT
Mobile diesel filling station KC, with accessories, storage box
8 variants available
from €4,055.00 Excl. VAT
Mobile diesel filling station MDT 445 in steel, horizontal
9 variants available
from €3,465.00 Excl. VAT
Double-walled mobile oil tank, with 230 V pump and accessories
4 variants available
from €3,795.00 Excl. VAT
Mobile diesel tank trolley PolyMove 110, in polyethylene
6 variants available
from €638.00 Excl. VAT
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Mobile Fuel Tanks from DENIOS Ireland

Transport of dangerous goods: petrol and diesel fuels

In accordance with the Dangerous Goods Act, a portable tank system can be approved as an IBC or as a dangerous goods packaging depending on the medium and volume carried. If the portable tank system is permitted as an intermediate bulk container (IBC) or as a dangerous goods packaging, a transport permit is not required. The following must be observed during carriage:

  • All openings on the tank (filling nozzle, dipstick, ball valve of the vent, ball valve of the suction line) must be tightly closed.
  • The prescribed regular checks must be carried out
  • A 2kg fire extinguisher must be carried in accordance with CDG2009
  • All openings on the container (filling pipe, dipstick, breather ball valve, suction pipe ball valve) must be tightly sealed.
  • The label on the container must be complete and legible in accordance with Guidance CDG2009

Marking of a mobile tank unit - The marking according to CDG2009 includes the following information for identification:

  • 1x marking "not stackable" or "stackable" - in the case of "stackable", the permitted stacking load must be stated
  • 2 x marking "Environmentally harmful substances"
  • 1x hazard statement per GHS (Globally Harmonised System)
  • 2 x hazard label "Flammable liquids"
  • 1 x UN approval number

What are the legal requirements for mobile tank systems?

The transport of fuel tanks is regulated by the conventions on the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), rail (RID), inland waterways (ADN) and sea (IMDG Code).

Please refer to the CDG Guide 2009.

Fuels available anywhere

Mobile tank systems made of polyethylene are used for supplying machines or commercial vehicles that are operated with diesel or bio-diesel. There is no need to travel to the construction site or filling station. Simply refuel vehicles or machines on site with a mobile refuelling system. Load the mobile refuelling system onto your van or truck. The advantages:

  • Available in steel or as a seamless manufactured unit in corrosion-free polyethylene
  • No costly interruptions to operations while travelling to fueling stations
  • Transport by pick-up or small truck
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • UN approved
  • Transport by pick-up or small truck Ready for immediate use with accessories
  • Convenient and safe on-site refueling
  • Can be used without ADR driving license and special vehicle marking

Are the mobile fuel tank systems permitted for transportation?

DENIOS Ireland's mobile fuel tanks meet the requirements for the international transport of hazardous goods by road in accordance with the European Agreement on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR). This allows mobile tank systems to be transported on a truck or in smaller vehicles at any time. Mobile tank systems are ideal for use at varying locations. Mobile tank systems are available in several sizes, as sets and with extensive accessories such as pumps, etc.

Please refer to the CDG2009 guide

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