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Portable Fencing

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Post with integrated self-rolling straps and practical wall cassettes for attachment without contact with the ground constitute the range of personal guidance systems. The passenger guidance system effectively supports indoor and outdoor person guidance.

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Mobile fences: Barrier fence or expanding barrier

Mobile fences for different requirements

Different work areas also have different requirements. This also applies to the use of mobile fences. For example, if you want to close off a house construction site, a different mobile fence is more practical than for a road construction site. No matter what reason you have for closing off an area, you are well advised to use mobile fencing solutions from DENIOS.

Here you get:

  • Steel scissor-type barriers for a precisely fitting barrier,

  • Barrier fences made of high-quality plastic or lightweight polyurethane (PU),

  • Barrier fences made of galvanised steel,

  • Mobile fences made of hot-dip galvanised metal,

  • Plastic beacons for the universal protection of construction site areas and

  • Steel manhole protection grids in various sizes.

Whether mobile site fencing for construction work, barrier fencing for people gatherings or demo fencing for demonstrations: The mobile solutions can be placed exactly where you need them. Important: To ensure that your mobile fencing solution stands securely and stably, you will need accessories such as connecting clamps and foot plates in addition to the fence. If you use additional safety struts and use concrete feet instead of plastic ones, you will further strengthen your mobile fencing system.

Mobile fence or flutter tape: Which is better?

Both mobile fences and flutter tape have some advantages that speak for themselves. Fences can be reused over a long period of time and are therefore sustainable. Flutter tapes, on the other hand, are inexpensive and can also be installed more quickly than fences. One aspect that stands out in the comparison is safety. While flutter tape can usually be easily bypassed by people climbing over and under it or cutting it without further ado, this is more difficult with mobile fencing systems.

Especially in areas where danger is a risk, for example an open shaft or an unsecured construction site, construction fences or mobile barrier grids contribute significantly to safety. This is especially the case if there is a possibility of children entering the site. They are hardly stopped by flutter tape and simply slip through. If you want to protect your workspace and people from possible sources of danger, it is better to place a mobile fence. Because in the end, you bear the responsibility, even if children or adults gain unauthorised access.

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