Safety Canisters in Plastic, Stainless Steel and Steel


DENIOS offer a variety of jerry cans ideal for dispensing and transporting hazardous materials. With their optimised rectangular shape and neck positioned behind, jerry cans can be filled without difficulty.

Equipped with a cam cap and a vent against refoulement, the jerry can be used with or without a pouring spout. The jerrycan is available in different models and different.

Steel jerricans are suitable for transporting fuel and other flammable products. Stainless steel jerricans should be used for transporting and storing pure products, and plastic jerricans for corrosive products.

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The classic steel jerry can was a design revolution. Easily carried and able to hold 20 litres of fuel, it required no tools or funnels to fill or decant and was sturdy and reusable. Today, variations on this design are widely used throughout many industries, not only for storing and transporting fuel but also for a variety of other liquids, from drinking water to hazardous substances such as corrosive acids or volatile chemicals.

DENIOS UK provides a wide range of Safety Canisters in plastic and steel that follow the classic design principles of the timeless jerry can but come in a range of capacities and with different additional features for different purposes. We specialise in providing containers for transporting and dispensing hazardous materials safely and securely. All of our Safety Canisters meet UN standards and are compliant with all relevant industry and government regulations, ensuring work safety and environmental protection when storing and transporting hazardous substances.

Steel Canisters

Designed specifically for transporting fuel and other flammable materials, the 20 Litre Steel Fuel Can is a classic jerry can in olive green, with fluid-resistant seals and internal paint ensuring no build-up of rust inside the container. This means that the contents stay clean and uncontaminated. The wide, ventilated opening allows the canister to be emptied swiftly, while the patented safety pin and bayonet lock keep it safe and secure while in transportation. Optional accessories for this UN-approved fuel container include discharge nozzles with a practical holder for easy connection to the canister. A 10 Litre Steel Fuel Can is also available, with all of the same features.

Plastic Canisters

Plastic Safety Canisters are the best choice for corrosive substances. We use polyethylene, which is an environmentally friendly plastic that is especially resistant to acid, alkalis and other oils, for many of our products. This same quality makes our Polyethylene Canisters suitable for storing and transporting food and drink, including clean drinking water.

Our 30 Litre Capacity Black Plastic Container can be used for transporting flammable liquids (with UN approval) and comes with a carry handle, screw cap and polyethylene (PE) seal. Its anti-static design is also fully stackable on pallets or elsewhere. This same design can also be found in 10 litre and 60 litre capacities.

Easy transportation

For transporting water or other drinks, the 10 Litre Polyethylene Container With Dispensing Cap is ideal. Models with 15 and 20 litre capacity are also available. A classic 20 Litre Capacity Polyethylene Canister can be used for the transportation of dangerous goods, while a 20 Litre Capacity Plastic Container With Spout includes a red outlet pipe and captive screwed lock.

When storage or loading availability is at a minimum, using a Space Saving 5 Litre Capacity Plastic Canister With Thread is the best option. DENIOS UK has a full range of Plastic Canisters, Polyethylene Canisters and Steel Canisters for all requirements, with capacities ranging from five to 60 litres. The rectangular shape with the neck positioned slightly back from the body allows these canisters to be filled and emptied with ease and without risk of spilling, making them both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.