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Ex-proof safety lighting

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The ex-proof safety lighting from DENIOS offers reliable lighting solutions for potentially explosive environments. The lighting fulfils strict safety standards and ensures optimum visibility and safety.

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Ex-proof safety lighting from DENIOS

The ideal workplace lighting

Also in our working environment, light is essential for people: it influences our mood, our biorhythm and our health. We differentiate between artificial and natural light. In addition to the home environment, it is also important in the working environment to equip rooms with the right amount of light sources. But how much light do people actually need at work and what do they need to consider when installing lighting? You can find this and other information here.

How does light affect the body?

The external light conditions control the hormone balance in the body. These in turn influence our sensations, but also our sleeping and waking states. When it is bright, the body releases serotonin and cortisol. These substances are responsible for making us feel alert and able to work. Dark lighting conditions, on the other hand, favour the production of melatonin, which makes us feel tired and ensures a sound sleep. The type of light also influences our well-being: While blue light is suitable for waking up, warm white light is recommended for falling asleep in the evening.

Why is light important in the workplace?

Lighting conditions also influence the performance of employees in the workplace: optimal lighting promotes motivation and concentration and increases alertness and satisfaction. Hazards are also minimised and even avoided by lighting. Poor lighting conditions, on the other hand, lead to headaches, eye problems, mood swings or a weakened immune system. As a general rule, the better the workplace is lit, the less our eyes are damaged. Different occupational groups require specific lighting levels. Those who carry out technically delicate tasks need a lot of light (between 1,000 and 2,000 lux). For office work, a range between 500 and 750 lux is sufficient.

Rules for workplace lighting

The best light for humans is daylight. However, depending on our surroundings and the time of day and year, we don't always have enough of it. This is why the installation of desk, ceiling or skylights is very important - because they create a balance. Experts recommend a mix of direct and indirect lighting. It is also important to provide sufficient workplace lighting and windows suitable for daylight. Ceiling lamps should be positioned at the side above the work surfaces. They provide a basic level of brightness so that the eyes do not constantly become accustomed to changing lighting conditions. Ideally, task lights should be adapted to individual needs and positioned to the side of the workstation.

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