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Small Containers

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Small containers from DENIOS are ideal where large containers are too big for the situation. For example, when sampling or for use during small daily tasks. The small container range includes wide necked bottles, narrow necked bottles, spray bottles and dropper bottles in plastic. Different volumes from 0.125 litres up to 10 litres complete the range. In addition, some models are food-safe or have UN approval

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Small containers from DENIOS

From wide necked bottles to spray bottles - find the right small container for your needs

Large quantities are not always required. Often only a little liquid is required during day to day operations. Small containers are therefore used for sampling or to provide a small daily requirement. Our wide and narrow necked plastic bottles are ideal for packaging and storing liquid, paste-like substances or solid media, such as granules. A wide neck opening makes it particularly easy to fill the small containers. Models with UN approval are also available for legally compliant transport. Do you need small containers that, as well as ensuring safe storage, are also ideal for filling and dispensing liquids? Then our spray and dispensing bottles are the right choice.

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