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Go digital for better safety.
Digital condition monitoring for hazardous materials storage

We design hazardous materials warehousing that responds to your needs. DENIOS uses the very latest automation technology to bring hazardous materials handling into the digital age.

No matter where you are you can monitor the status of your hazardous materials storage using the DENIOS connect digital network sensors. DENIOS connect sends you an alarm notification if there is a malfunction or problem in your storage facility. You get this in real time via SMS or email, on your phone, tablet or desktop. This means you can take immediate action and save valuable time and potentially reduce subsequent damage and cost.

Benefits of DENIOS connect for hazardous materials storage.

Response Times

Notifications are sent in real time, via email and/or SMS to smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

Emergency Management

Targeted instructions for action make immediate measures more effective.

Prevention of

Early detection of risks that could lead to a malfunction or failure.

for your operator tasks

PDF reports can be easily exported for complete documentation.

Monitoring of
up to 16 parameters

Safe monitoring of important parameters with individual alarm configuration.

Condition monitoring with DENIOS connect.

DENIOS connect gives you all the important condition monitoring statistics at a glance. You can access this anytime, anywhere and ensure you are always up-to-date - all via the web app. On top of this you can easily set up alarms and notifications to be sent to you via SMS and email.

DENIOS connect means you can react to faults and damage in real time. This makes maintaining your operational safety easier and more consistent. Faster response times mean you can deal with incidents quicker and reduce the impacts of injury, damage and lost productivity. DENIOS connect monitoring supports you in fulfilling your legal and insurance requirements for hazardous substance storage.

Networked sensor technology for better safety.

The DENIOS connect control technology has been adapted for DENIOS hazardous materials storage systems. State-of-the-art sensor technology records and processes current operating parameters and compares actual measured values with target values. If there are deviations, a leak or a fire, an alarm is automatically transmitted in real time via Narrowband IoT. You receive a notification by email or SMS to wherever you are. All sensors and important information can be viewed and configured centrally at any time via a web app.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature sensors indicate whether the internal temperature is too low or too high for a specific need. If temperature limits for a particular hazardous substance are exceeded or not reached, this could also have negative effects on the substance itself. Good temperature monitoring means that damage, decomposition or other adverse effects are avoided. DENIOS temperature sensors register the ambient temperature as well as the air conditioning and heating system outputs. This detailed monitoring helps prevent humid air and/or corrosive gases from causing corrosion.

Leak management

Leaked hazardous substances are reliably detected and reported by DENIOS leak detectors before major damage occurs. This prevents, for example, the formation of an explosive atmosphere due to the leaked liquid combining with oxygen. An alternative to a permanently installed leakage sensor, you can also simply use the DENIOS SpillGuard® connect.

Maintenance reminders

Never miss a deadline! DENIOS can automatically notify you - 8 weeks and 4 weeks before the annual maintenance is due. It means you can continue the smooth running of your operations and fulfil all your required obligations.

Gas sensors

DENIOS connect alarms trigger when the gas concentrations in your hazardous materials storage go outside of your prescribed norms. This helps you rest assured that your hazardous substances are in safe hands. For example, a pre-alarm can be activated at 10% of the concentration level of the lower explosion limit, and the main alarm can start at 20% of the concentration level of the lower explosion limit

Ventilation monitoring

Air flow monitors (pressure monitors) in explosion-proof solutions are used to monitor the ventilation in the fire-protected hazardous materials storage facility. This ensures that an explosive atmosphere does not develop and that the defined air exchange rate is maintained.

Door contact switch

Maximum door opening times can be configured on DENIOS storage systems. This ensures that the temperature remains constant and the air conditioning system can work efficiently. It also ensures that the highest level fire protection is restored as quickly as possible and external temperature influences are kept low.


On-site alerts: Independent of the cloud-based web application, DENIOS connect, you can be alerted via an on-site display as soon as there is a malfunction. This provides you with comprehensive warnings. The on-site alarm gives visual and acoustic warnings using lights and sirens.

Overview of all notifications.

Notification Sensor Classification*
Fire Fire Alarm Alarm (critical)
Gas pre-alarm (10 % UE) Gas sensor Warning
Gas main alarm (20 % UE) Gas sensor Alarm (critical)
Fault message gas sensor Gas sensor Warning
Leak Leak sensor / SpillGuard® connect Alarm (critical)
Temperature too high Temperature sensors Warning
Temperature too low Temperature sensors Warning
Fault message technical ventilation 1 Technical ventilation 1 Warning
Fault message technical ventilation 2 Technical ventilation 2 Warning
Air conditioning fault message Air conditioner Warning
Fault message heating Heating Warning
Time limit door opening - configurable in minutes (e.g. 10 min) Door contact switch Warning
Door opening time window - configurable as time interval (e.g. 10 p.m. - 6 a.m.) Door contact switch Warning
Heartbeat (online / offline) Data logger/ cloud-based web application Warning
Maintenance in 8 weeks Calculated, 12 months from commissioning Info
Maintenance in 4 weeks Calculated, 12 months from commissioning Info

*Alarms can be sent by SMS and / or e-mail. For warnings and information you can be notified by email.

Get DENIOS connect for your hazardous materials storage - let us take care of it for you.

We know the special technological and legal requirements of a hazardous materials warehouse down to the smallest detail. From automation technology to industrial measurement technology: you can rely on our expertise and advice. Our service team will ensure installation of our technical systems is done efficiently and effectively.

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