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Storage and filling in a new way: Diverse and space-saving

Our new stacking racks offer you unlimited combination possibilities for the storage and filling of hazardous materials. Two different module sizes and up to three times the stacking height allow the storage of 60 or 200 litre drums, canisters or small containers.

More than 1,000 variants

Step by step to the right stacking rack

Our new stacking racks offer you unlimited combination possibilities for the storage and filling of hazardous substances. The stacking racks are available in 2 different module sizes, each in 4 versions for the horizontal storage of canisters, 60 or 200 litre drums or small containers. A floor spill pallet, optionally made of steel or plastic, ensures safe storage conditions. Due to the horizontal container storage, the stacking racks can also be used as a filling station. The highlight: stacking racks of the same size can be flexibly combined with each other and stacked up to 3 high. In the following, we show you how to assemble your stacking rack in four simple steps. The stacking racks are also available as ready-made sets.

Step 1: Module width

We offer the stacking shelves in two different widths:

The narrower version with 1049 mm and the wider version with 1429 mm for optimal space utilisation.

Step 2: Stacking racks

In addition, you have the choice between four different stacking racks:

  • Grid racks suitable for various small containers

  • Canister racks á 30 litres

  • Drum racks á 60 litres

  • Drum racks á 200 litres

Note that max. 3 storage levels are permitted.

Step 3: Spill pallet

Depending on the storage medium, you can choose a steel- or plastic spill pallet. Both spill pallets are available with a collection volume of 200 litres.

Step 4: Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for safe handling during the storage and filling process: e.g. roller supports, drum cocks, can carriers, earthing cables, canisters, drums, etc.

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Practical planning guide

When planning a shelving system for the storage of hazardous substances, many legal requirements must be taken into account in addition to operational framework conditions. We provide you with detailed instructions including safety tips for practical use.

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Storage and filling in a new way

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