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Getting the most out of your purchasing with e-procurement

What can e-procurement do for you?

We assess the pros and cons of using e-procurement systems for businesses.

Read about the 5 advantages and 3 possible disadvantages of having an e-procurement service.

Using the SAP Ariba e-procurement service to purchase DENIOS products means that you benefit from many features that improve your procurement.

What is e-procurement?

Electronic procurement (or e-procurement) systems are software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems implemented as part of a digital initiative. These provide a cloud-connected environment that brings together the various elements of your purchasing or supply chain. This allows businesses to create systems with the optimal levels of connectivity between all the various links in the chain for improved efficiency and visibility.

E-procurement is seen as an effective way to better control the supply chain and drive efficiency. E-procurement systems have their pros and cons and assessing these allows better decisions on whether they would be appropriate for your business.

What can e-procurement offer my business?

Goals such as cost savings, efficiency improvements, and greater strategic and competitive decision making are supported by using digital services such as e-procurement. This includes the following:

  • Automating and streamlining business processes

  • Improving transparency of spend data

  • Improving collaboration, analysis, and decision-making through centralised data management

  • Reducing waste, inefficiencies, and human error

  • Creating and managing a supply chain with optimal performance and strong vendor relationships

  • Redefining the role of procurement as a source of value and cost savings

Our top 5 advantages of using e-procurement systems.

Cost savings.

By automating and optimising process-based and low-level tasks within an e-procurement system, staff can shift their focus to high-value work with greater impact. Organisations are then better able to make further savings on overheads.


Businesses have to tackle complex checks and analysis to reduce operational costs. This can be time-consuming and prone to human errors, particularly with manual three-way matching. E-procurement solutions automate this. Over the lifespan of using an e-procurement system it can result in considerable improvements in cost-effectiveness, such as preventing duplicate payments, reducing invoice delays, managing expenses by leveraging volume buying, as well as saving the costs associated with paper-based systems.

Better visibility

One of the clearest benefits of e-procurement systems is centralised data, which significantly improves supply chain visibility. Any authorised team members can access data and records to monitor procure-to-pay activity and look for opportunities to drive better efficiencies.

Transparent spending

Unplanned spending occurs more frequently than is often realised. This might happen because the procurement department has to purchase items either without approval or deviate from the purchase order at some point. These ad hoc, unplanned purchases can get lost when trying to track through paper-based, more traditional means. An electronic audit trail allows for greater transparency and access to the decision making and approval for purchasing.

Improved communication and organisation

Centralised, cloud-based data management means everyone’s on the same page, no matter where their location or the device they are using. Automation and integration removes bottlenecks and human error, improving overall efficiency while reducing costs and waste. Comprehensive data storage also makes it easier to access important data to analyse for actionable insights and forecasts built on complete, reliable information.

Possible disadvantages of e-procurement

Cost to set up

Initial outlay for an e-procurement system can be large. This can be particularly prohibitive for small and medium sized companies.

Costs can be mitigated by using supplier e-procurement systems which offer many of the benefits such as cost savings on purchases, transparency, access to permitted staff, agreed pricing levels and direct integration with your business systems.

Culture shock

It is almost inevitable with each new technology or change introduced comes culture shock and perceived limitations of the system.

Integration and technical challenges

Issues can arise around integrating new systems with current ones. It may also be that users require training to fully understand how to use the software.

What does the SAP ARIBA e-procurement service offer my business?

DENIOS is a recommended supplier in the Ariba Network. This allows DENIOS customers to benefit from an agile, responsive and streamlined e-business service with a leading international supplier serving over 190 countries, conducting business worth 3 trillion US dollars.

What do you get if you join the Ariba Network e-procurement service? Here’s some of the benefits:

  • A choice of over 10,000 clearly defined DENIOS items with detailed technical spec

  • Faster supply and demand

  • Save up to 30% on process costs

  • Easily find products with a custom punch catalogue

  • Multiple payment options

  • Secure order process 24/7

  • Compliance with your process chain & audit security

  • Largest range of environmental products direct from the manufacturer

  • Streamlined route to buying with OCI interface integrating the DENIOS shop with your merchandise management system (ERP)

  • Information at your fingertips - access to documentation on lawful use of products

  • Standards & certifications like BMEcat, eCL @ ss, UNSPSC

  • Matching accessories and products all directly linked

  • Available in 14 languages

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