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Airbus relies on DENIOS expertise for hazardous materials storage

The Airbus location in Finkenwerder stores its paints and varnishes in tailor-made and legally compliant hazardous materials warehouses from DENIOS. With the smooth and timely handling of this project, DENIOS fulfilled the task set by Airbus to its complete satisfaction.

Challenge and task

At Airbus in Finkenwerder, a paint mixing room was to be built in the Long Range Equipment Assembly Hall for hydraulic and pneumatic installations. Several decisive aspects had to be implemented in the desired solution. On the one hand, the legally compliant storage for the safe handling of water-polluting and flammable hazardous substances (paints and varnishes). In addition, the system to be used had to have all the necessary approvals. Because only systems with these prescribed approvals receive a successful official acceptance and have insurance cover.

Airbus' objectives also included that the integrated solution should consist of an F 90 fire protection warehouse and a hazardous materials workstation including extraction. The topics of fire protection and ventilation technology played a decisive role here. In addition to the hazardous materials workstation, a comprehensive workbench extraction system also had to protect the employees from health-endangering vapours. In this context, the relevant Airbus factory standard had to be observed. When using the paint mixing room, the air exchange rate had to be increased by a factor of 10. This combination presented a great challenge in terms of ventilation technology with complex exhaust air piping, consisting of the required air exchange and an additionally extracted immersion tank for cleaning parts.

The solution

When the contract was awarded, DENIOS AG scored points with its distinctive core competencies in the areas of fire protection and air technology. The aspect of finding a single manufacturer for the formulated requirements who was able to provide Airbus with a complete turnkey solution was decisive. Airbus also required competent and consistent project support - from the analysis of the specifications to factory and official acceptance.

DENIOS met this performance profile perfectly and was thus awarded the contract. The DENIOS developers recommended a walk-in F90 system with integrated hazardous materials workstation, including extraction, as the solution. This was a walk-in fire protection warehouse with F90 fire protection on all sides, inside and out. The equipment features included, among others, a technical ventilation system, a ventilation monitoring system, a peat detection system, a malfunction indicator and a motion detector. The explosion-proof (Ex) version was used for all components. The hazardous materials workstation is explosion-protected (Ex) and has a working area of 2.0 x 0.8 metres.

Result and customer benefit

Airbus received a multifunctional paint mixing room in which all hazardous substances could be safely stored in compliance with the law and which met all requirements. The protected handling of the paints and varnishes contained therein was guaranteed for every employee from the time of commissioning. The convenient location of the hazardous materials warehouse also generated an additional benefit: efficient cost and time savings. Similar solutions are now in use at other Airbus plants.

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